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At we are committed to helping people reduce their toxic body burden, cleanse away harmful toxins and impurities, and live a clean, healthy, chemical-free life.

If you would like to help us in our mission, whilst at the same time gaining valuable exposure for your business and personal brand, we’d love to hear from you.

Over the past few years we’ve established a reputation for publishing high-quality, well-researched articles, videos, and online guides.  This reputation has helped us become a popular, and successful website with well over 50,000 unique visitors every month (& growing). 

In return for contributing a top quality article, creating a unique recipe or recording a ‘how-to’ video to be published on our website, you’ll receive a prominent space to promote yourself, your products and your social profiles (in the author bio section), and we’ll help spread the word to our social media followers, website visitors and email subscribers.

It’s a win-win situation! We get fantastic, unique and insightful content, and you get to build your brand and find some new fans!

What We Are Looking For

Content: Articles, Videos, Recipes & Online Guides

Let’s start with what we don’t want!

We don’t want:

  • Average, dry or boring content (this usually happens when the writing has been outsourced)
  • Guest post submissions from marketing agencies.
  • Fluff (its obvious when you don’t have both passion & knowledge around a topic
  • SEO-driven submissions.
  • Self-promotional content (you’ll be given an author bio box at the end of the article to promote in!) 
  • Rehashed articles
  • Content that has been published elsewhere.

What do we want content which is:

  • Relevant to our mission (see above) and our readers
  • Unique
  • Engaging (& has personality – make it real & human! personal stories are welcome)
  • Inspiring, informative and/or educational
  • Actionable (helps our readers make changes to their diet and/or lifestyle)
  • Well-written (& edited)
  • Expertly researched (& referenced)

Content Topics

Browse around our site and you’ll see the types of articles we publish (& the quality we are looking for), take a look at our about page and you’ll learn more about our mission and values. 

If you have an idea for an article (or video) you think would add value to our website, and which would be of interest to our readers – please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

(We are happy to cover controversial topics as long as they fit within our ethos and values.)

At the moment we are particularly looking for:

  • How-To Guides (e.g. 101 Uses for Coconut Oil, Complete Guide to Oil Pulling)
  • Reducing Toxic Exposure / Burden: (e.g. 10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Are you Eating these 5 toxic foods)
  • Chemical / Toxin Profiles:  (e.g. Poisoned by Plastic, Cotton’s Dirty Secret, Phthalates: What are they are why do you need to avoid them?)
  • Recipe List Posts: (e.g. 5 Smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss
  • Unique Recipes: (smoothie, juice & detox drink recipes) 
  • Home Remedies: (e.g. 12 Home Remedies for Eczema)
  • Cleansing / Detox Advice: (e.g. 5 Detox Bath Recipes, Candida Cleanse: An In-depth Guide) 


Some of these guidelines won’t apply to videos or unique recipes (both of which we’d love more of!): 

  • Word Count: At least 1000 words. No upper limit and some of our articles are over 3000 words (however that doesn’t mean you can waffle!)
  • Well Researched & Referenced: All articles should contain links to respected external sources used to research your article, and to back-up any claims or specific points made in the article. These links should be placed directly in to the body of the article. If an article was used for general purposes only it can be included in a references section at the end of the article. Please also link to existing blog posts on within the article.

Next Step: Get in Touch

Before writing an article, creating a new recipe or recording a video, please get in touch with our editor first by completing the form below.

Tell us a bit about yourself and the content you would like to contribute, and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know if we think there is a good fit.

If we love the idea (and it hasn’t already been covered on our website – please check first!) we’ll give the go-ahead, or we might provide a few suggestions to tweak the topic or title a bit to make it more suitable to our audience. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Please Complete the Form Below: 

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  • Please be as specific as possible (more than one idea is fine)
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Copyright and Editing

Once an article has been submitted, TimetoCleanse will own the copyright to the content. The article cannot then be published or reproduced elsewhere.  We reserve the right to edit the content to suit our style, however you will be given the opportunity to approve any changes before the article is published. 

Paid Writing Positions

We have a small team of very talented and experienced ‘staff’ writers. Most have over 5 years professional writing experience, along with a background or qualification in natural / traditional health. Our writers produce regular in-depth articles. To see if we are currently hiring writers please visit our jobs page


If you have a question or would like to find out more about the application process please contact us here

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