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Isagenix IsaLean Soup

This product has been discontinued.

Are you looking for a well-balanced, highly-nutritious and great-tasting meal replacement shake?
If you are you’ll love the Isagenix IsaLean Shake

IsaLean Soups: Wholesome, healthy, high-protein soups to help you reach your health, weight & wellness goals.

Available in two satisfying savory flavors, Wild Mushroom and Butternut Squash, IsaLean Soups are ideal for helping to maintain lean muscle, whilst supporting healthy weight loss.

Perfect for busy lifestyles and packed with top-quality nutrition; you won’t find anything artificial in these fantastic soups. 

isalean soup packets

Fast Facts

  • 24g of protein per serving
    Each IsaLean Soup contains 24g of undenatured whey protein to help build lean muscle.
  • All-natural savory flavors
    Available in Wild Mushroom and Butternut Squash flavors. Both vegetarian-friendly.
  • A quality source of fiber
    Enjoy 8g of fiber per serving, to help you stay regular and feel full for longer.
  • Active enzymes and probiotics
    Contains active cultures to help support a healthy gut environment so that you absorb more nutrients.

Use as Part of a Complete Nutritional Cleansing Program for Optimal Results!

You’ll get better results, more quickly, when you combine IsaLean Soups with a 9 or 3o-day nutritional cleansing program.

Find out more about the Isagenix Fat Burning Cleanse.

lady eating wild mushroom flavor soupProduct Overview

IsaLean Soups make a perfect meal any time of the day, and can help you to build lean muscle mass, whilst cutting unwanted weight in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

With 24g of premium, undenatured whey protein per serving and 8g of fiber, you will not go hungry with these fantastic, wholesome soups.

Available in two hearty flavors – both suitable for vegetarians – and with absolutely no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, IsaLean Soup’s Myo-IsaLean protein complex has been specially formulated to aid in the building of strong, lean muscle.

Choose from:

  • Wild Mushroom (vegetarian-friendly)
  • Butternut Squash (vegetarian-friendly)

The importance of protein

Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders, it’s an essential nutrient that every single person needs. Protein is used as both an energy source, and to build and repair lean muscle mass. Just like the IsaLean Shakes, each IsaLean Soup packet contains 24g of protein.

If you’re using a single soup as a meal replacement, it’s important that you choose one with a high protein content. These soups are perfect for any time of the day, and because they’re filling but not bloating, you can enjoy them year-round, whatever the weather.

bowl of steaming hot soupThe perfect partner to IsaLean Shakes

These wonderful soups are the ideal switch-up to pair with IsaLean Shakes. If you’re not feeling like a shake today, try a soup, instead. Both have very similar nutritional profiles, so you can choose between sweet and savory, and not miss out on your nutrients.

  • IsaLean Soup and IsaLean shake both contain 24g of protein
  • Both contain 240 calories
  • Both the soup and the shake deliver 8g of quality fiber

Why undenatured protein?

Undenatured protein is less processed than standard protein, which means it contains higher levels of essential nutrients and amino acids. It is completely safe to consume undenatured whey protein every day.

Fabulously filling fiber

Fiber is important for keeping you regular, filling you up and making your digestive system a healthy place to absorb nutrients.

Each serving of soup contains 8g of quality fiber, which in tandem with protein, makes this a healthy, satisfying meal.

Low glycemic index

Low glycemic index foods, like these soups, help your body to release energy slowly, avoiding the annoying energy spike and the inevitable crash. There are no added sugars or preservatives here, either. Great news.

23 health-boosting vitamins and minerals

Just because you’re replacing one of your meals with a low-calorie soup, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the vitamins and minerals. Both the Wild Mushroom and Butternut Squash varieties of this soup contain 23 vitamins and minerals, to help keep you fit and healthy. Here are just a few:

  • Vitamins A, C, D
  • Calcium
  • Thiamine
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • Copper

Ideal for busy lifestyles

If you’re running around between work, family and the gym, and don’t have the time to stand behind a stove every night, you’re in luck. Available in 14 single serving sachets, IsaLean Soups are great for keeping in your desk at work, or for taking with you in your bag. Just mix with hot water for a delicious, warming meal.

Healthy comfort food

A lot of weight loss programs leave you feeling empty, unfulfilled and just plain hungry. Not here, though. These soups are comfort food as you’ve never tasted it before.

Wholesome, delicious, warming and healthy food, made with care to help you reach your goals.


What's special about IsaLean Soup?
These healthy soups contain 24g of quality protein and 8g of fiber per serving, with only 240 calories. They’re also made with 100% natural ingredients.
What is undenatured whey protein?
Undenatured whey protein contains more of the bioavailable amino acids and nutrients your body needs than regular whey protein.

Are these soups suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, both soups are suitable for vegetarians.
What flavors are the soups available in?
Available in delicious Wild Mushroom and Butternut Squash.

How to Use


Enjoy as a healthy meal, one packet per serving. Simply mix with warm water.

Ordering Options

  • 14 single-serving sachets


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Wholesome, healthy comfort food! IsaLean Soup contains 24g of undenatured protein and comes two great flavors…never go hungry again!

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