Making Your Body Alkaline Rather Than Acidic

Alkaline balance grainsLooking into new and different ways to eat better and improve our health should be everyone’s priority. With clinical studies and nutritional guidelines constantly evolving, staying on top of the latest research is not a bad thing. It wasn’t too long ago that experts argued over the pros and cons of sugars, egg yolks and even cigarettes. That’s right; as late as the 1940s, some experts were still rolling their eyes at the suggestion that smoking might pose some risks to our health.

With today’s technology giving us so much information, health-conscious people are no longer satisfied with only dietary advice on losing weight; healthy info junkies want to live longer, more energetic lives by preventing or better managing the afflictions that tend to slow us down. Diabetes, depression, chronic fatigue, arthritis and even cancer are serious opponents worthy of our best effort!

In the last 10 years, a lot of research has come forward regarding the benefits of creating a more PH balanced body by adhering to an alkaline diet. The proponents for this type of diet claim many benefits, while skeptics are not so easily convinced. Before making up your mind, let’s take a look at what the most current information says about alkaline diets… both good and bad.

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Alkaline, Acid And PH Balances

Proponents believe that by eating foods with a high alkalinity we can remove or reduce the amount of acids in our body, giving ourselves an ideal pH balance that, in theory, will improve our health. The pH levels in our bodies are determined by the measured balance of alkaline versus acid. The theory is that too much acid creates inflammation and other health problems. Alkaline diets consist primarily of fruits, vegetables, grains and lots of water, with protein sources coming from white meat, fish, nuts and soy.

Foods generally avoided as they are high in acidic content are meats, most seafood, dairy, coffee, alcohol, sugars and processed foods. Some proponents claim that an alkaline diet will help in preventing cancer, arthritis, dementia and diabetes; some scientists believe that this is simply a function of eating healthily and abstaining from alcohol, processed foods and red meat. Although evidence shows that the classic alkaline diet is a healthy diet, there remains no supportive data proving that it is in fact the pH level that provides these benefits.

Whether the health benefits are because of a more balanced pH level, or because the vegetarian diet is simply more healthy, nutritional experts agree that this dietary regimen is good for you. Creating a more alkaline body requires some big changes in eating and lifestyle. Listed below are 5 steps to help you make these changes.

  1. Stop Eating Acidic Foods: Remove fried foods, processed foods, sugars, red meat, eggs, dairy corn, poultry, and non-white meat and fish.
  2. Remove Acidic Drinks: Certain beverages are very acidic and will have to be eliminated. Sodas, fruit juices, sugary sports drinks, alcohol and milk are some of the more common acidic drinks to avoid.
  3. Add Alkaline Foods To Your Diet: By removing the acidic foods and replacing them with alkaline foods, your pH levels will begin to change quickly. Mostly vegetarian, stick to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, with lots of water.
  4. Try Algae, Spirulina, Wheatgrass: These are nutritional supplements with a very high alkaline level. Consider one or more of these at least once or twice per day.
  5. Alkaline Water: With a much higher pH level than regular drinking water, this can help neutralize acids in the stomach and raise your alkaline levels overall.

Isogenics Products and PH Balance

One of the factors when we reviewed the Isogenics cleansing system, which you can learn more about on our website, was to look at the pH of each product, and we were impressed to see that all products are either neutral or alkaline. Considering the shakes contain whey protein which is often very acidic, this was very impressive. Before choosing a supplement or meal replacement shake, it’s important to look carefully to see if it will alter your pH balance, and we are pleased that Isogenics improves the balance rather than negatively affecting it.

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