Are You Toxic? Is it Time to Cleanse? Get Your Body Toxicity Score…

time to cleanse quizIs your body toxic and crying out for help? Are you clean, lean and vibrantly healthy? (or will you fall somewhere in-between?)

Take our quick quiz & discover your body toxicity score…

(you’ll also get our free quick-start guide to help you get your body back-in-balance in just 5 simple steps…)
Is it Time to Cleanse? Find out right now...

Do you experience brain fog, drowsiness, headaches or fatigue during the day?

Do you drink at least 8 glasses (or 2 quarts) of filtered water a day?

Do you eat non-organic fruit, veg & meat (& less than 6 serves a day) ?

Do you eat refined carbs (e.g. white pasta) more than twice a week?

Do you drink diet/non-diet sodas or sugary energy drinks?

Have you used antibiotics or over-the-counter drugs in the past 6 months?

Do you use regular (not 100% natural) personal care products (soaps, shampoos,sunscreens) or household cleaners?

Do you wear make-up containing artificial ingredients / chemicals?

Do you eat packaged/processed foods on a regular basis (without checking the label)?

Do you smoke or are you exposed to second hand smoke?

Do you suffer from constipation, have digestive problems (e.g. bloating) or less then one bowel movement per day?

Do you rely on caffeine to get you through the day?

Have you tried to lose weight recently & found it difficult to shed pounds/inches?

Do you suffer with stress, anxiety or depression?

Your Free Quick-Start Cleansing and Clean Living Guide

woman drinking chocolateWhatever your score use this quiz as a stepping stone. With a few quick and simple changes to your diet and daily lifestyle you can reduce your exposure to toxins, impurities and other nasties…

….and in the process lose weight, increase energy and enjoy vibrant health

We’ve put togther a quick guide to get you started…

(you’ll discover how you can enjoy a clean, lean and healthy body in just 5 steps and a few minutes a day)

Experience Nutritional Cleansing

Unless you scored 0% and live in a bubble we highly recommend the whole-body nutritional cleansing diet from Isagenix.

(Give your body what it deserves and get back-in-to balance starting today!)