Reduce Your Grocery Bill: Save Money With Isagenix

Grocery bills are rising all the time, and it can be difficult to afford the fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, fish and protein needed to give you and your family the nutrients you require. Poor quality, refined and processed foods also cost a lot and certainly don’t provide you with the nutrients your body needs to function properly.

isalean shakeDid you know that with Isagenix you could save up to $2,484 per year (updated November 2014)?

When people are first introduced to Isagenix they see it as a ‘cost’ but people soon realize that these products could actually save them money (and when they start to share them with others they suddenly start earning!).

The Isalean shake works out at about $3.00 per serving (in the US). Where else can you buy or even make any decent breakfast or lunch for that price? Let alone a meal that contains the optimum balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other wonderful nutrients.

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Researchers at Isagenix calculated that you could save up to $2,484 per year, per person and at the same time provide yourself (and your family) with an optimum balance of nutrients to enable your body to perform at its peak.

IsaLean shakes taste delicious and contain only the highest quality natural ingredients. For example, the whey protein used in the shakes comes from dairy cows that are pasture-fed on small New Zealand family farms, and is of the highest quality.

Replacing one or more meals a day with the IsaLean Shake not only makes sense from a health view, it’s also quick, convenient and will save you money.

Don’t feed your body ‘cheap’ empty calories

lady running fastWhen you browse the aisles of your grocery store you’ll see endless promotions for ‘cheap’ food; however, most of this food has been heavily refined, processed, and usually contains fillers, additives and preservatives to keep costs down and increase shelf life. In order to provide foods at very low prices, many larger producers have cut the quality of their raw ingredients and use inferior and often artificial ingredients to bulk out their products and add taste. This food won’t ‘fuel’ your body, and in many cases will do the exact opposite.  Many of these additives, flavors, colors and artificial sweeteners contain potentially harmful ingredients, could be toxic, and usually contain high levels of sugar.

Household spending on food has decreased in recent years, and we now expect food to be ‘cheap’; however, the reality is that quality, nutrient-dense food costs money to grow and produce. If you compare the price of purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and grass-fed protein, the price of these nutritional cleansing programs starts to look very reasonable.

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Some supplement manufacturers take the same approach to their meal replacement shakes, and use lower quality forms of protein and/or extraction methods which involve excess heat (or even acid) which can bring down its nutritional value. Isagenix has developed a strict ingredient policy, and only ever uses the highest quality natural ingredients which meet a stringent set of criteria.

When you change your mindset and start to think as food as ‘fuel’, rather than just something that tastes good, you’ll quickly start to rethink some of the things you put inside your body, and start looking for nutritionally dense food which provides your body with everything it needs to get you through the day.

Give you and your family the nutrition they need

By giving your family Isagenix products (note: all products have minimum recommended ages – see this chart for more information), you are ensuring they are getting the nutrition they need to function well at school and work. With 23 grams of high quality protein (which has all the essential and non-essential amino acids), over 70 ionic trace minerals, many different vitamins, digestive enzymes and a great balance of carbohydrates, an IsaLean shake is a great way for you to start the day.

Many of the products offered by Isagenix are perfect for all the family to enjoy (we recommended IsaGreens, IsaFruits and over fifty other nutritional aids and supplements but please check the chart referenced above first to check age requirements). If you are serious about maintaining peak health and all-day energy, take a closer look at these competitively priced supplements and nutritional cleansing programs (commonly misspelt as the Isogenics cleansing program).