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Time for a Spring Time Cleanse?

During spring we often clear out the clutter, clean the house and do some of the jobs we’ve been wanting to do for a while, but we often neglect our bodies.

We service our cars regularly otherwise we know they would cease up and breakdown, we clean our houses because we know that they would become dirty very quickly if we didn’t, but we often forget about our bodies.

We feed our bodies with processed foods that contain additives, chemicals and other nasties, we eat foods that are nutritionally depleted, we don’t exercise, we are stressed, we lead busy lifestyles, we live in a polluted world and we use personal care products that contain a long list of chemicals.

Its no wonder so many people are overweight and lacking in energy. Our bodies have amazing systems to detox and purify on a daily basis, but when they get overloaded they simply cannot work as effectively as they should and we end up with a backlog, this can lead to a build up of toxins and impurities within the body.

Just like you service you car or clean your house, sometimes your body needs some attention too.

Cleansing with Isagenix

The Isagenix nutritional cleansing program is a gentle cleanse that feeds your body with the nutrition it has been craving and returns the body back to its natural balance, giving your body what it needs to process and remove toxins and return to great health again.

We hear so many wonderful stories where people on the Isagenix 9 day cleanse and 30 day programs have enjoyed wonderful results, both in terms of weight loss and also a range of other improvements to their health. You can find out more about the Isagenix 9 day cleanse.

Most people once they realise how good they feel after doing a cleanse don’t want to go back to their old habits and make simple changes to their lifestyle to incorporate a healthy diet, exercise, drinking plenty of water and of course using their Isagenix products!

Homemade Cleansing Diet

If you are not ready to do a full cleansing program yet, there are some simple ways to support your bodies processes as it removes the toxins and impurities from your body. Start by removing any processed foods, foods which contain preservatives or additives and replace them with colorful foods in their natural state. Increase the amount of water you are drinking and replace tea and coffee with herbal teas.

In a previous blog post we wrote about some everyday tips to reduce your exposure to toxins, you can read this blog post here.

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