Why Cleanse? 3 Reasons You Might be Toxic

healthy woman cleansingToxins are unavoidable in our modern world, in fact the average human being is said to have approximately 400 synthetic chemicals in their system. Over the past six or seven decades, there have been over 80,000 new chemicals released into our environment with less than half tested for potential toxicity.

Is it a coincidence that rates of cancer are three times what they were prior to the introduction of this alarming number of chemicals? Cancer is largely known as a disease of our modern times, but it’s certainly not the only ailment that can ravage the body and our mind. The build-up of toxins in our body, related to chemicals in the environment and a number of other factors may be the basis for nearly ever disease and chronic illness as well as premature aging.

Our liver can assist the body in detoxifying while the kidneys work hard to clear them out, but it’s impossible for them to handle such an overload of harmful substances on their own. This is where a gentle, nutritional cleanse comes in as the crucial process for helping the body to remove those impurities by providing it with the rich nutrition it needs to naturally cleanse itself.

If you aren’t sure if you need to cleanse, or if you’re even toxic, consider these reasons as to why you probably are.

The air we breathe

Unless you live in a bubble, you’ll be exposed to the many toxins that come from all of those chemicals released into the environment over the years. Just a few include the many pesticides and industrial compounds, plastics, toxic metals, combustion pollutants and, biological contaminants such as mold, mildew and bacteria, tobacco smoke, and many others.

Staying indoors won’t help – in fact, pollutant levels are an average of 2 ½ times higher indoors than outdoors due. Just a few of the chemicals inside include phthalates found in items like shower curtains, tooth brushes, food containers and flooring as well as phenols that are found in detergents, disinfectants and adhesives.

Our food

fruit and vegetable collectionNumerous chemicals are found within our food supply including the over 4 billion pounds of pesticides used annually in the U.S. alone. Other toxins include antibiotics, growth promoting substances like hormones, heavy metals and plastics. There are also more than 10,000 food and chemical additives that that allowed directly into our food supply through dyes, sweeteners, preservatives, flavorings and more.

While buying organic or growing your own food will certainly reduce your exposure, it’s impossible to avoid them completely. The nutritional value of the food we eat has been declining rapidly due to the soil of commercial farms becoming nutritionally deficient. When crops are grown in the same soil over and over again, its mineral content becomes depleted over time.


Stress produces its own set of pollutants or “stress toxins” within the body. In our fast paced society many people are stressed and anxious about finances, health, jobs, relationships and a host of other issues. You might imagine that these toxins can build up rather quickly – there are few who can truly say they are immune to the negative effects of stress.

Why cleanse?

With our modern busy lifestyles filled with stress, nutrient depleted foods and the host of other toxins and impurities found in our environment, a gentle nutritional whole body cleanse will get directly to the root cause of many health issues and allow you to return to a natural state of optimal health.

If you think it might be time to make a change and improve your health, take our “Time to Cleanse Quiz” and see how you could benefit from a detox diet.

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    To the reader that coetmnmed about acid burns . this is a misconception.True, lemons are an acidic fruit however lemons are ALKALINE forming in the body. It’s what’s left over after digestion has taken place that counts. After passing through the stomach (and stomach acid) and being hit with enzymes, what’s left is an alkaline ash. Think of fire wood being burned up, what’s left after the digestive fire? Btw, the gastric juice in the stomach is four times as strong as lemon juice. Also, in terms of this cleanse being a placebo , that’s not exactly an appropriate term to use. Placebo is when an innocuous substance or inert medication is given, with an individual being told they are taking an actual drug, thus resulting in that individual having a psychological expectation.Lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, etc. are not placebos. They are simply food. And she KNOWS what she’s ingesting. It’s not like she’s taking sugar pills (or fake lemons, if such a thing existed) and being told they are something else. THAT’S a placebo. That being said, it is a bit debatable if one needs 10 days of liquid fasting. But Natasha seems to know her body well, exercises regularly, eats a great diet, etc.The danger is when someone eats like shit for 355 days a year and tries to make it go away in 10. lol

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