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Supercharge your workouts and give your muscles what they need

Push harder, perform better and supercharge your workout with a shot of AMPED NOx. This powerful pre-workout supplement helps to support the production of nitric oxide, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles during exercise.

Watch energy levels and stamina reach new heights, and crush workouts like never before.

Derived from natural fruit and vegetable extracts, this is pre-workout the Isagenix way.

 Fast Facts

  • A natural pre-workout pump
    Increase blood flow before your workout for an energizing performance boost
  • Powered by fruit and vegetables
    Nitrates derived from vegetables and antioxidants from fruits, for a natural kick
  • More oxygen to muscles
    More oxygen to your muscles means delayed fatigue and improvements in performance
  • Supercharge your intensity
    Additional blood and nutrients also contribute to higher intensity levels during exercise

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Product Overview

AMPED NOx is a pre-workout supplement, designed to give you the edge when it comes to intensity and stamina. Derived from natural fruit and vegetable extracts, NOx supports the production of nitric oxide, delivering more blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

The more blood, oxygen and nutrients your muscles receive during exercise, the greater the intensity with which you can attack your training.

  • Increased blood and oxygen flow
  • More nutrients to muscles
  • Greater intensity
  • Supports increased stamina
  • Helps to delay fatigue during exercise

Nitric oxide: the basics

Nitric oxide is produced inside of the body, and can increase the rate of blood flow. The best way to encourage nitric oxide production is through supplementation with nitrates and other antioxidants.

In NOx, those nitrates and antioxidants come from vegetable and fruit extracts.

When nitric oxide production goes up, more blood flows to the muscles, and with it, valuable oxygen and nutrients to be used during exercise. If you’ve heard weightlifters and other high-intensity athletes talking about a pre-workout pump, they’re often referring to the effects of nitric oxide. Its effects are what allows them to push further, to squeeze out a few extra reps.

Isagenix AMPED NOx is ideal if you’re looking to push harder during workouts. Designed for health-conscious gym-goers and professional athletes alike.

Made using natural sources

As with all Isagenix products, NOx is derived only from natural sources. The nitrates in this supplement come from vegetables, including beets, celery and red spinach.

The antioxidants in NOx, included to help support the production of nitric oxide, are taken from fruit extracts. There’s nothing artificial or banned in AMPED NOx.

Works in combination

Effective on its own as a potent, natural pre-workout drink, AMPED NOx is suited to work in combination with the rest of the new AMPED range, including Fuel and Recover.

Never go into a workout half-heartedly again – with pre-workout supplementation done the Isagenix way.


What does this product do?
This pre-workout supplement encourages nitric oxide production, which increases blood and oxygen flow.
Why would I want to increase blood flow?
During workouts, your muscles need more oxygen and nutrients to power you through. This supplement supports increased blood flow.

Is this product safe to take regularly?
You should always consult a doctor if you have concerns & before you make any changes to your diet, lifestyle or exercise routines; however, when taken as directed before a workout, NOx is safe.

How do I take this product?

This product is available as a handy, single-serving shot. No mess, no waste.
Who should take AMPED NOx?
This pre-workout is appropriate for anyone wanting to increase their stamina and the intensity of their exercise.


Take one shot (bottle) immediately before your workout

Product options

12 bottles per container


Garden Blend


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No more timid or half-hearted workouts. Isagenix introduces AMPED NOx, the nitric oxide supplement derived from fruit and vegetables. Supercharge your performance.

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