Don’t Buy Isagenix from Ebay or Amazon – Here’s Why


woman in front of computer orderingCongratulations – if you’re reading this, then you probably care about your health and want to lose weight. That’s the first step, after all… deciding to make a change for the better. Millions of people who have successfully lost weight have learned that a positive attitude is the key to a good beginning. So, congratulations – you’ve already begun your journey!

Your Journey Begins With Isagenix

Now let Isagenix help you on your way, by providing quality, all-natural health supplements to burn fat and keep you healthy while you lose weight. It’s an important step for cleansing the body and removing harmful toxins during the weight loss process; one which should not be compromised by purchasing what at first may look like lower priced supplements on Ebay or Amazon.

The Problem With Buying Isagenix From Amazon or Ebay

The only way to ensure that you’re purchasing quality, authentic products online is to buy¬†from an authorised Associate.

How will you know? When you click to order, the official ordering website will say There are several Independent Associate websites, but all are authorised dealers selling for the main parent company.

If you purchase the product elsewhere, who knows what you’re getting. You are probably getting a lower price… but is it a deal? Not when you’re purchasing an inferior product. You see, when you purchase products from an unofficial source, you may be getting any or all of the following problematic products:

  • opened bottles
  • old, stale products
  • damaged products, with no guarantee
  • non-refundable, non-returnable products (without the 30-day money-back guarantee)

Scary, isn’t it? One of the largest risks you’re taking by purchasing a cleanse or detox program from an unauthorised dealer is not knowing what you’re getting.

Reports of Problems With Online Sellers

We’ve heard a number of reports of people purchasing a full cleansing program, or individual products from one of the online stores, and experiencing a variety of problems (including those above). The only way to get the unconditional money-back guarantee is purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Is It Really Cheaper on eBay?

Let’s take a look at the real supplement industry: the businesses that produce safe, quality supplements in controlled, hygienic environments. For a sterile environment like a lab, and real scientists to oversee and conduct the precise manufacturing process that’s required in order to produce quality supplements, it takes money. Even before something like these nutritional cleansing can be produced, there’s research and testing to be done… all before the company makes one dime from selling the product. A quality product costs more because it takes more to produce – and isn’t it worth it?

You Know This Cleansing Program Works; Why Take the Risk?

You’ve already done some sound research, or heard of this unique nutritional cleansing program from your friends: it really does work.

With this supplement, there is potential to really change your body, your life, and improve your health. Now why risk all that by purchasing through Ebay or Amazon? Isn’t your health worth it?

The Real Deal

How does it work? Choose a 100% natural health supplement that’s proven to help people just like you lose weight in a perfectly safe, natural method. It does this by helping you do the following:

  1. boost your energy levels
  2. burn your fat
  3. cleanse your body
  4. feed the body the right protein, herbs, vitamins and minerals

Since it’s crucial that you feed your body the nutrients it requires during weight loss, it’s important that you purchase quality ingredients. After all, it’s going into your body… wouldn’t you like to know that you’re putting only the best quality ingredients into your body, for optimal health?



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