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isalean shake australiaIsaLean Shakes pack flavour and complete nutrition in every glass.
They are perfect meal replacements for those looking to improve their health, lose weight and boost performance.

The Isagenix IsaLean Shake features Myo-IsaLean Complex™, a proprietary blend of premium whey protein and milk protein sourced from New Zealand, combined with high quality fibre, and a wide array of essential nutrients, enzymes and probiotics to help maintain a fit and healthy body.

UPDATES:choc mint isalean shake

Chocolate Mint flavour is back and here to stay! Previously only available as a limited time seasonal option it proved so popular Isagenix decided to make it part of the main lineup!

The new dairy free shake is now available in 2 delicious flavours to order online & it’s quickly becoming a top-selling Isagenix Australia product!

The latest formulation is even better! With 50% more whey protein and double the fibre they are more nutritious than ever before!

Choose from three delicious flavours: Creamy Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla & Strawberry Cream (& now two great tasting dairy free options).

At only 240 calories per serving, an IsaLean Shake is the ideal well-balanced meal replacement for better health.

UPDATE: IsaLean Pro shakes are now available in Australia. 

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IsaLean ShakeHow Does it Work?

Protein is a vital nutrient for life. It is needed by the body daily for growth and maintenance. Consisting of essential and non-essential amino acids, protein serves as the building block of cells, particularly the muscles. This product provides a concentrate of high quality whey protein with a superior amino acid profile for excellent health, vitality and wellness. With a balanced combination of protein, good fats and carbohydrates, an IsaLean Shake offers complete nutrition to help fuel weight loss, increase lean body mass and boost energy levels.

Fast Facts:

  • Well-balanced and healthy meal replacement
  • Premium grade (antibiotic-free and hormone-free) protein to support and maintain a healthy body
  • Uses high quality natural ingredients (some of which meet or exceed organic standards)
  • Designed to help you feel full for longer
  • Active enzymes to improve nutritional absorption and breakdown of complex carbohydrates
  • 21 vitamins and minerals to support optimum health and wellness
  • Gluten free, soy free and low glycemic

Want to boost results? Take a look at the full 9 or 30 day nutritional cleansing programs

Whilst this product is a very effective meal replacement when used on it’s own, it is also an important part of the popular 9 day and 30 day nutritional cleansing programs. Both of these unique programs have been scientifically designed so that the individual products work together synergistically as part of a holistic system to provide exceptional results.

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What makes IsaLean Shakes different?
This is a superior meal replacement shake, containing a proprietary Myo-IsaLean Complex that combines the best quality whey protein concentrate and casein protein. The protein come from pasture-fed cows (in New Zealand) that are free of hormones or antibiotic treatments.

The Isagenix IsaLean Shake also features another proprietary combination of ingredients, including the Ionic Tri-mineral Complex, which adds supercharged rare earth minerals to fuel your body’s peak performance.

Many other meal replacement shakes use lower quality forms of protein, or cheaper extraction methods (usually using heat or even acids) which may denature the protein.

Is this product right for me?
IsaLean Shakes are ideal for individuals seeking an effective way to manage their weight without sacrificing their health. The balanced nutrients help to maximise the intake of nutrition while reducing caloric intake, while added enzymes help to increase the body’s absorption of essential nutrients.
How do I enjoy them?
IsaLean Shakes are delicious on their own, but they can also be enjoyed with other Isagenix products for an extra boost of nutrition. Mix these versatile shakes with a scoop of IsaPro to increase the protein (or try the new IsaLean Pro shakes) or drink with Oatmeal Berry SlimCakes for a truly healthy and delicious snack. You can also experiment with different flavour combinations, we highly recommend adding a few berries to the vanilla shake to create a creamy, fruity (& still very healthy) drink.
Product Information


Add two level scoops (or one packet) to 240ml of cold water and mix until thick and creamy (add more of less water based on your personal preferences. Please see our FAQs above for some additional recipe suggestions.


  • Creamy Dutch Chocolate
  • Creamy French Vanilla
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Dairy Free Rich Chocolate
  • NEW Dairy Free Vanilla Chai

Product Options:

  • 14 Meal Canisters
  • Individual Packets (14 ct)


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Love the new strawberry shake - choc is great as well, but the strawberry is my fav by far!

Gloria Ruiz
December 15, 2015

Love my shake every day! I prefer vanilla, but hubby loves chocolate (or a combo of them both!)

Narlia Payne
December 15, 2015
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