Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack (Presidents Pack)

Highly Recommended & Extremely Popular Choice! 

The Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack (previously known as the Presidents Pak) is the ideal way to introduce yourself, friends and family to this exceptional range of natural cleansing products.

This unique pack offers incredible choice, coupled with huge savings compared to buying the products separately, and the inclusion of a fantastic Isagenix blender. Pick up the this premium pack today to get started on your weight loss journey…

Contains 11 premium quality products, as well as other special offers and memberships.

Isagenix President's Pak

couple healthy next to treeBenefits & Fast Facts

  • Comprehensive Isagenix starter pack
    Contains some of the ‘family’s’ most popular products, including the IsaLean Shake, Cleanse for Life and Ionix Supreme
  • Exceptional value for money
    Save money when you purchase this exclusive premium pack (compared to individual product prices)
  • Free one-year membership
    Includes a year’s free membership (normally $25) on the flexible autoship programme
  • Healthy weight loss
    Designed to promote healthy weight loss and overall health

Great to Know…

  • Scientifically designed and formulated products based on fruit, vegetable, herbal and plant extracts
  • Can help to support healthy weight loss, whilst building lean muscle
  • Includes a $50 voucher for an Isagenix event (which take place throughout the year)


Retail Ordering

  • Product Price: $790.83
    (no membership fees – simply purchase online)

Join as a Preferred Customer:

  • Product Price: $539.12
  • Yearly Membership Fee: FREE! (value $25) on the autoship programme (autoship can be stopped at any time)

What’s Inside?

Isagenix 30 Day CleanseThe Isagenix Presidents Pak contains a comprehensive selection of some of the most popular Isagenix products, including:

  • 4 x IsaLean Shakes (made up of your choice of Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy Dutch Vanilla, Strawberry Cream – or a mix and match of each!)
  • 2 x Cleanse for Life
  • 1 x Ionix Supreme
  • 1 x IsaGenesis (Product B)
  • 1 x Natural Accelerator
  • 1 x Isagenix Snacks
  • 1 x IsaFlush
  • 1 x Essentials for Men or Women (a choice of either)
  • 1 x IsaLean Bars
  • 1 x Ageless Actives
  • 1 x IsaBlender
  • 1 x Instructional Booklet (with easy-to-follow directions for a weight loss or healthy maintenance programme)
  • 1 x FREE 1-year Membership (normally $25)
  • 1 x $50 Event Coupon (valid for any Isagenix event throughout the year)

Includes products to complete a full 30-day nutritional cleansing programme, along with a selection of the most popular individual products.

Full 30-Day Cleansing Programme

In the Weight Loss Premium pack you’ll get everything you need to enjoy the renowned 30-day cleansing programme. This easy-to-follow programme, which you can start at anytime, is a simple, convenient and easy to follow system that has been scientifically designed to get results!

On Shake Days, you’ll base your meals around the ever-popular IsaLean or IsaPro shakes; and on Cleanse Days, support your natural detoxification pathways and get back in balance with IsaFlush and Cleanse for Life. Use the Isagenix blender included in your pack for best results.

Introduce friends and family to Isagenix

With some of the most well-loved products in the range included in this fantastic pack, you’re sure to be popular whatever you decide to share. If you’re looking to introduce friends and family to a more natural way of getting healthy, losing weight and cleansing, then this exciting selection has everything you need.

Equally, if you’re looking for a complete, positive lifestyle change for yourself, the Weight Loss Premium Pack (previously known as the Presidents Pak) is a great way to fully immerse yourself in a new and more energised way of living.

Product Highlights

IsaLean Shakes

You’ll receive four containers of the IsaLean Shake, one of the range’s most popular products.

The IsaLean Shake is a high-protein meal replacement shake. Each serving contains 24g of undenatured whey protein, as well as a whole range of essential vitamins and minerals. This delicious shake, which is available in three flavours (Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy Dutch Vanilla and Strawberry Cream) is one of the most nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes on the market.

Keep them all for yourself, or share with friends and family.

Cleanse for Life

Cleanse for Life is one of Isagenix’s flagship products, and contains a potent array of antioxidants, botanicals and fruit extracts to help support your bodies ability to process potentially harmful toxins.

As one of the range’s best sellers, Cleanse for Life is a delicious daily drink, available in handy powder form, ready to be mixed. Its rich range of adaptogens are included to help meet the body’s needs when and where they arise. It’s the fast-track to great health.


Isagenix’s all-natural solution to regaining your body’s natural rhythm. If you’re bloated, constipated, or suffering from regular digestive distress, IsaFlush can help to restore order and get you back on track, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Contains magnesium to help soothe intestinal discomfort
  • Peppermint leaf extract to calm an upset stomach
  • Bentonite Clay to help flush away toxins and introduce useful minerals

Product Information

To view the ingredients list, nutritional information & product directions, please click on an individual product. You can also view the 30 day cleanse information page here.


Why should I buy the Weight Loss Premium Pack?
This comprehensive range of natural weight loss, muscle-building and cleansing products is the perfect introduction to Isagenix and a healthier lifestyle.

How many different products are included?
A total of 11 products (including Isagenix blender), plus instructional booklet and memberships.

Who is this pack for?
It’s great as an introduction to Isagenix, for sharing with friends and family and for topping up your existing range of products.

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Kickstart a healthier lifestyle with the Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack. Contains a comprehensive selection of the range’s most popular products, and free membership (value $25).