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Isagenix in Australia are focused on putting their customer’s first. To make the buying experience simpler than ever before, they’re rolling out new pack options that are easy to match to your goals. Each of the packs offers excellent value, and we’ve developed unique premium packs and 30-day systems that will take the guesswork out of reaching your nutritional goals.

Packs are divided into the following categories:

  • Weight Loss
  • Energy
  • Performance
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Wealth Creation

In each of the top four categories, Isagenix offers a Premium Pack, which is the equivalent of what used to the President’s Pack. They also offer 30-day systems specific to the overall goal of each of the categories. By creating these packs, they’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the products that best support your lifestyle.

Each pack can be configured based on your flavour preferences, and there are diary-free options available in each of the categories as well.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the premium weight loss pack versus what you’ll get as part of your 30-day weight loss system. In each of the pack categories, you’ll see a similar pattern between the two levels.

Weight Loss 30-Day System

Your weight loss 30-day system pack supplies all your essentials to help you burn fat and lose or maintain weight for the long-run. It includes:

  • 30 days’ worth of Isagenix IsaLean shakes to replace two daily meals in a variety of flavours (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cream, dairy-free available)
  • 30-day supply of IsaFlush to ease digestion
  • 30-day supply of Natural Accelerator to increase metabolism without harmful stimulants
  • Cleanse for Life to provide once-weekly cleanses during the program
  • Isagenix Snacks and AMPED Hydrate for support on cleanse days
  • Daily adaptogen dose with Ionix Supreme

Weight Loss Premium Pack

The premium pack is the perfect solution for someone committed to their Isagenix journey who wants to take advantage of all the health-boosting benefits the products offered. It includes everything you’ll find in the 30-day system, as well as additional solutions to help curb cravings, boost energy, and accelerate your goals.

In addition to everything listed above you’ll also be shipped:

  • Delicious IsaLean bars in your choice of flavours including chocolate peanut butter crunch, chocolate cream crisp, chocolate decadence, lemon passion crunch, oatmeal raisin, and nutty caramel cashew).
  • A box of tasty chocolate IsaDelights that can be used as cleanse support or eaten on their own as a decadent snack in one of four flavours including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with mint, and milk chocolate with sea salt and caramel.
  • 9-piece Smoothie Blender set for perfect shakes every time

These changes take effect Wednesday, April 19th. While the names of some of the packs have changed, the products haven’t. Isagenix continues to maintain impeccable standards for creating healthy products that are free of toxins, additives, or fillers helping you to live your healthiest life.

Caitlin Sammons

Caitlin Sammons

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