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Isagenix 30-Day Performance System

Jump-Start Your Performance Goals!

Designed for athletes of all levels, the Isagenix Performance System has been professionally formulated to help you enhance your athletic performance, support lean muscle mass, and boost recovery times.

Isagenix performance pack

Fast Facts

Boost Performance
With the range of AMPED products included in the system, your pre-workout supplements can give you the necessary nutrients to help increase blood flow and oxygen delivery, while the post-workout supplements can help to replenish lost electrolytes and encourage muscle recovery and repair.

Informed-Sport Certified
The products in this pack are Informed-Sport Certified. These products have been tested for banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency so that you can feel confident in taking these supplements for athletic performance.

Build Lean Muscle
The IsaLean PRO Shakes have a superior and complete amino acid profile to help to support the growth of lean muscle. Each serving has a whopping 36 grams of undenatured whey protein that will help you in your efforts to build/maintain muscle and speed up recovery from your workout.

Product Overview

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, the Performance System from Isagenix will help you achieve your athletic and performance goals. Your body uses loads of energy, nutrients, and electrolytes during a workout, and if these are not furnished, replaced, and replenished, your performance levels may decrease.

woman in gym with ropesWhen you are exercising, your body needs adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to give your muscles the energy they need for contraction. However, our bodies only keep small stores of ATP and require oxygen to create more. Oxygen is delivered to the body via the blood system, and our hearts are pumping hard to deliver that much-needed oxygen. Without sufficient O2, the body will eventually make lactic acid which creates an intense burning in the muscles, which can impact your workout. Lactic acid is normally flushed out within 30-60 minutes post-workout.

What if you could have more oxygen delivered to your body during your workout to prevent premature lactic acid build up? AMPED NOx is made from vegetables that contain natural sources of nitrates and nitric oxide helps to deliver oxygen to your working muscles. This pre-workout supplement can help you perform longer and harder.

AMPED Nitro provides creatine, and other amino acids that can help to give you added energy and help with muscle growth. If you feel yourself lagging in energy, the naturally sourced caffeine from the e+Energy shot can give you a boost.

man jumping red rocks sunshine happy energeticThe post-workout supplements are AMPED Recover which has BCAAs to help with muscle recovery and to encourage and enhance muscle growth. As you sweat and breath hard during your workout, you lose electrolytes that are vital for cellular function. AMPED Hydrate replenishes lost electrolytes and can help you recover quicker.

To help supply the protein needs required by hard working athletes, meal replacements with IsaLean PRO Shakes and AMPED Protein Bars give you plenty of the high-quality protein needed, at just the right time. Together, this system is designed to give you the nutrients needed for optimal athletic performance.

What Comes in the System?

1 e+ Energy Shot
Gives you an energy boost in a nutrient-loaded, naturally-caffeinated shot.

1 AMPED Nitro.
Optimize your workouts with this supplement that helps increase blood flow and oxygen during exercise.

This powerful pre-workout supplement helps to support the production of nitric oxide, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles during exercise.

1 Box of AMPED Protein Bars
With 28 g of protein per bar, these are perfect for protein pacing and athletes on the go

colorful man weightlifting1 AMPED Hydrate
Refreshes and rehydrates with electrolytes and nutrients

1 AMPED Recover
Helps to reduce muscle fatigue and breakdown with high-quality Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

2 Canisters of IsaLean PRO Shake
With 36 g of whey protein per serving, this meal replacement is a powerhouse for athletes.

1 Ionic Supreme
A unique blend of over 100 botanicals and herbs designed to combat stress and boost energy levels.

1 Instructional System Guide
Follow the steps and instructions in this guide for optimum benefits from this system

How Do I Use the Performance System?

It’s Easy and Convenient!

Every Day:

  • Have an IsaLean Pro Shake every day as a meal replacement – 1-2 times per day.
  • For your main meal, have a well-balanced meal with protein, vegetables, and high-quality fats.
  • Drink 1 serving of Ionic Supreme and if you would like, add Complete Essentials daily
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Don’t let yourself get thirsty!
  • Eat 1-2 AMPED Protein Bars throughout the day.
  • Have a shot of e+Energy to give yourself a boost when your energy is lagging

 On Workout Days:

  • 2-3 hours before your workout, have 1 2-oz bottle of AMPED NOx
  • 15-30 minutes before you exercise, have 1 serving of AMPED Nitro
  • 15-30 minutes before you exercise, have 1-2oz bottle of e+Energy shot
  • 15 minutes after your workout, 1 serving of AMPED Hydrate

How to Use

Directions: Follow the directions in the Performance System Guide

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