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glass of rejuvelac

Rejuvelac Probiotic Drink

Rebuild and Rejuvenate with this Probiotic Rich, Cultured Drink


  • 1/2 - 1 cup of organic wheat or other sprouting seed or grain
  • Non-chlorinated water


  1. Rinse ½ – 1 cup of organic wheat grains and let soak in a quart sealer full of water over night.
  2. Drain off rinsing water and discard.
  3. Place jar with soaked sprouts in a cool dark corner or cupboard. We want our wheat to sprout, so we will make sure there is plenty of room for air to circulate in the jar (we want sprouting, not rotting) and we will rinse and drain the seeds twice a day.
  4. Keep the mouth of your jar cover to with cheese cloth or a coffee filter. This will aid ventilation and keep out those nasty little fruit flies that appear out of nowhere.
  5. Once you have 1/2” - 1” sprouts, you are ready to brew!
  6. Give your seeds one more rinse and fill the jar with fresh, non-chlorinated water.
  7. This time, don't drain.
  8. Put it back to the cupboard and let those friendly bacteria do what they do best. Proliferate!
  9. In 24 - 36 hours you will have your first batch of Rejuvelac. The longer you wait, the stronger the taste will be. Pour the liquid into a pitcher and refrigerate.
  10. Wheat sprout Rejuvelac will be cloudy with a mildly tart / sweet (some say lemony, some say beer-like) taste with a very fresh feel to it.

Recipe Notes

For soaking and sprouting times of other grains and seeds, please check here.
When you are brewing, watch for mold, fruit flies, or a strong rancid smell. If any of those occur, dump your concoction. It’s no good.
Rinse your jar with boiled water and start again.
Once you’ve brewed a batch or two, you will recognize the difference between a bad smell, compared to the unique Rejuvelac smell.