20 Best Clean Living and Toxin Free Blogs in 2016

20 Best Clean Living and Toxin Free Blogs

Ready to start living a clean and toxin-free lifestyle? We’ve found the top 20 clean living and toxin-free blogs for 2016 to help you get started…

…from nutritionists to natural health experts, these clean living bloggers provide everyday tips to live a toxin-free life and enjoy optimum health. 

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It’s important now, more than ever, to start making simple changes to promote a healthier balance in your life. Toxins are everywhere and our bodies are struggling to cope with the daily exposure.

Did you know that more than 80,000 chemicals are in use today, and many have never been proven safe for use?

Take a closer look at our ‘top 20’ below and see how they can you reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, cleanse your body of toxins and restore optimum health and wellness. 

Top 20 clean living and toxin free blogs for 2016…

Cassandra Bodzak (visit website)

cassandra bodzakCassandra is a talented nutrition and natural health expert. Her website has many clean living recipes and she encourages people to live a life that “lights you up.” She is great for positive motivation and her community Aprecity will help encourage you to stick with healthy habits. 

Oh She Glows (visit website)

oh she glows

Angela created this recipe blog to celebrate her love for plant-based food. In addition to being meat and dairy-free, most of her recipes are free of gluten, soy, and processed foods. Not sure what to make first? Check out her popular recipes page.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
(personalized report)

Clean Eating Goddess (visit website)

clean eating goddess

With a passion for clean eating, fitness, and a well-balanced lifestyle, Jen is on the path to figure out what agrees with her mind and body. With a future in holistic nutrition, she hopes to teach her readers how easy and delicious it is to eat healthy. Whether you embrace this as a lifestyle or simply want to add more wholesome meals to your diet, she is excited to be a part of your journey. Get ready to feel and look like a goddess!

The Healthy Maven (visit website)

the healthy maven

The Healthy Maven has chronicled Davida’s experiments in the kitchen, in the gym and perhaps most importantly, in her life. From quitting her job and taking on the blog full-time, opening up about her struggles with body image and how she’s learning to balance health and hedonism, The Healthy Maven has been her virtual diary for almost 3 years.

mindful momma

Mindful Momma (visit website)

You think a healthier, more natural lifestyle may help but you don’t know where to start.You want to swap out some of the products you buy for non-toxic versions but you’re afraid it will cost too much. You want to start introducing healthier foods but you think your family might reject them. Mindful Momma was born because Micaela believes that anyone can create a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle that will allow their family to thrive!

EcoChick (visit website)


Ecochick is cool, Canadian and environmentally friendly. They talk about ecofriendly food, travel, fashion, style, kids, life and more. Created by Shannon McKarney, this blog has wonderful tips on living an eco-friendly, clean life. Ecochick is a consumer who’s tired of “environmentally friendly” really meaning “expensive, inconvenient and ugly”. It’s time to make living green mainstream, fun, fresh and cool. 

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen (visit website)

lexi clean kitchen

You can expect to find recipes that are gluten-free, mostly dairy-free, paleo-friendly, refined sugar free, and soy-free. In addition, some are vegan and vegetarian as well. Many are under 30-minutes to make, and all use simple ingredients that you are likely to already have in your home.

The Gracious Pantry (visit website)

the gracious pantry

Tiffany McCauley is a digital publisher and healthy foodie who created The Gracious Pantry. She publishes this blog, and her focus is on cooking and eating clean, real food.

Free + Native (visit website)

Free + Native is a modern guide for holistic living founded by Lacy Phillips. Free + Native Journal provides a holistic guide and forum to get back to just that—how we were when we were free and native.Foraging, remedies, gatherings, tricks, intuition, recipes, and lifestyle alike, this journal deems to bring you closer to moments and lessons that last forever, all while maintaining the integrity of a contemporary lifestyle. 

How You Glow (visit website)

how you glow

HOW YOU GLOW is the lifestyle source for health-driven individuals seeking inspiration, nourishment, tips, tricks, and solutions on how to get the GLOW. They give access to health trends, shoppable stories, product/restaurant/fitness/book reviews, monthly emails, and inventive nourishment.  But most importantly, they empower their readers to live delicious lives that make them light up from within.

He and She Eat Clean (visit website)

he and she eat clean

Fitness is a large passion of Whitney and Scott’s, but finance is a top priority and huge passion as well. They both majored in finance in college and continue to be captivated with personal finance. They decided to blog to help individuals live an enjoyable life through health and wealth.  

Simple Clean Living (visit website)
Simple Clean Living

Simple Clean Living is a blog for real food and natural health which leads to stress free living. By changing the type of food that you are eating and moving away from a diet high in processed, packaged and fast food which are all void of the nutrients the body needs for normal function.

the hub

The Hub of Clean Living (visit website)

The inspiration for The Hub stemmed from Sarita’s desire to expand beyond her former blog, edible facial, and take the conversation about clean living even further. The need is so clear —to create a community of outside-the-box leaders who are passionate about clean living in all its many manifestations, and to spearhead a movement with heart.


clean-living-guideClean Living Guide (visit website)

The mission with CLG is to create a tool that makes it easier to live responsibly. Treating yourself and the world with equal care encompasses what you eat, how you think and where you invest your money. It may seem unusual for a blogger to share recipes and products as well as address issues of spirituality, but these three life components naturally function as an interwoven ecosystem. 

Eat Yourself Skinny (visit website)

eat yourself skinny

As a self-proclaimed foodie and fitness enthusiast, Kelly has a passion for cooking and a huge desire to show that living a healthy lifestyle can actually be easy and fun!  Feel free to use the meal guide on her site to find your new favorite meal ideas or the dietary guides  to narrow things down even more!

clean eating coupleThe Clean Eating Couple (visit website)

The Clean Eating Couple motivate each other to be better versions of themselves and hope that their recipes, workouts, and thoughts about a healthy lifestyle might just motivate you too.

Clean Eating Veggie Girl (visit website)

clean eating veggie girlHannah is the Clean Eating Veggie Girl and she is a 20-something born and raised small-town Iowan now living in the much bigger Iowa City, IA area.  She works in higher education by day and is a blogger by early morning/night/weekend. She loves veggies, nut butter, trying new restaurants, cooking, food photography, and writing.

Vegalicious (visit website)


Elena is a certified Health Coach and a Trainer.  She has received special training in Women’s Health & Nutrition and Autoimmune Diseases through The Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies. Her blog offers mouth-watering recipes, downloadable ebooks, and health and nutrition research.

That Clean Life (visit website)

that clean life

That Clean Life is on a serious mission to make eating healthy simple and fun, so you feel incredible in your body, once and for all. It’s a meal planning platform built by a husband and wife team, that has become a vibrant community of people looking to lead healthier lives.

Clean Mama (visit website)


Becky is the Clean Mama and she loves routines and has developed a cleaning routine that’s pretty popular and used by thousands of people to do a little every day to keep it more manageable and under 15-30 minutes every day. She also gives away a free monthly cleaning routine calendar sure to help you get your home in order and keep your cleaning routine on task.

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