7 Natural Ways to Make Your Skin and Hair Look Gorgeous

7 Natural Ways

While many people are out spending a fortune on “magical” remedies in a jar, the true key to maintaining gorgeous skin and hair lies right within your home.  Simply by using some handy ingredients from your pantry and adopting a handful of natural and easy daily habits, you’ll find that healthy skin and hair are actually easy to possess.

If you want shiny hair and glowing skin that even models will envy, try the tips below and bask in the almost immediate results they will lend you:

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Consume a Healthy Diet

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You are what you eat. If you consume a diet of full of toxins, your skin and hair will suffer. If you nourish your body with food that is rich in nutrition, you’ll deliver vital nutrients directly to your hair and skin that will result in lustrous body and a soft, beautiful glow.

Shine from the inside out by consuming the right foods.  Make sure you are getting the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and shy away from processed food and added sugar which can make skin and hair appear dull and lifeless.  Snack on nuts such as almonds and opt for omega rich salmon. 

Use Honey


When trying to add that special “glow” to your hair or skin, honey is your friend! A natural humectrant, honey draws moisture into the skin and hair into the layers where it’s needed most. Honey contains enzymes that help keep pores clean and clear by preventing a build-up of bacteria that can lead to break-outs and skin imbalances.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
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For moisture-rich, luxurious locks, mix two tablespoons of honey with coconut oil and apply to the hair from the ends up.  Leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse well.  For beautiful glowing skin, apply one teaspoon of honey to dry, clean skin and allow to sit for fifteen to twenty minutes.  Rinse with warm water.

Take Your Multivitamin

Because of food processing and environmental factors, it’s not always possible to get all the nutrients we need from the food we consume. Even when ingesting a healthy diet with all the right foods, we can find ourselves depleted of many key vitamins or minerals that our body needs to restore healthy hair and glowing skin.

To make sure you’re getting the optimal amount of nutrients, take a high quality multivitamin daily.

Give Yourself a Massage

By massaging your scalp and face on a regular basis, you’ll reap the benefits of increased circulation to the epidermis of your skin. Using a moisturizer, massage your face starting at your chin.  Gently rub the muscles leading up to your cheeks and continue to your eye area and forehead. Massage should be hard enough to loosen your muscles, but not so hard that it become uncomfortable. 

To encourage healthy hair growth, massage your scalp with an oil such as almond or coconut oil for fifteen minutes before shampooing.  Massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth by bringing more circulation to the hair follicles on your head. 

Cool Off

Hot water can damage both the skin and hair by stripping them of vital moisture. When repeatedly  exposed to high temperatures, the hair cuticles become weak and  damaged causing the hair to lose its luster and shine. 

For a healthy, full mane and strong, smooth skin, wash your face with warm to cool water and stick to lukewarm showers.

Lose the Stress


Believe it or not, an excess of stress can cause everything from skin rashes to hair loss. According to dermatologists, these problems are on the rise, which is no surprise given the busy schedules and amount of pressure people are juggling these days. To maintain healthy skin and hair, keep your psyche healthy by leaving stress  at the door once you get home.

Disable work email once you leave the office and sever any unhealthy relationships you may be handing on to. Practice meditation for fifteen minutes each day and get adequate sleep. Weed out any source of unnecessary negative stressors and you will soon notice a significant change in the appearance of two of your most precious commodities – your skin and hair.


Blue Water
Blue Water

Keeping a bottle of water handy throughout the day is one of the best favors you can pay to your body. By staying hydrated, your skin and hair will be able to repair themselves more efficiently and will maintain a more youthful appearance.

Limit caffeine intake to two cups a day as it is a natural diuretic that can actually work against your attempts at hydration. Aim to drink an ounce of water per pound that you weigh every day.  It is a simple task that your body will thank you for.

Take the natural approach at improving your looks by trying the tips above. When practiced regularly, these seven healthy habits will give you youthful skin and thick, shiny hair that will make heads turn and give you beautiful, glowing confidence from the inside out.

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