8 Reasons Why You Can Eat Dark Chocolate Without Feeling Guilty

Chocolate lovers rejoice – dark chocolate is an incredibly nutritious superfood. Eating it on a regular basis unlocks a wide range of powerful health benefits.

So how does this tasty treat benefit you? Here are 8 reasons why you can eat dark chocolate without feeling guilty!

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Benefits of Dark Chocolate

First things first, make sure that the chocolate you eat is pure, unadulterated dark chocolate. You must eat this all-natural version to unlock the following health benefits.

1.    Nutritious

Your average 100-gram bar of 70% to 85% cocoa content dark chocolate is very nutritious. It contains just over 600 calories spread between 11 grams of fiber, 98% RDA manganese, 90% RDA copper, 58% RDA magnesium, and 68% RDA iron.

Of course, a 100-gram bar is a lot of chocolate. Eat that amount over the course of several days, not all at once. The key to unlocking the nutrition benefits of dark chocolate is eating it in moderation.(SELF Nutrition Data)

2.    Antioxidants

Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants. This is where it gets its label as a superfood. In fact, unprocessed cocoa beans contain one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any food.

The antioxidants that dark chocolate contains include polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins. These compounds promote better overall health by fighting off free radicals and keeping your cells healthy. Antioxidants are strongly linked to cancer prevention.

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3.    Healthier Heart

The cocoa butter in dark chocolate is great for your heart. Though it’s a saturated fat, new research shows that it’s a healthy saturated fat much like coconut oil.

The cocoa butter in dark chocolate aids the liver in oleic acid production. This healthy monounsaturated fat lowers your bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing your good cholesterol (HDL).

Because dark chocolate contains anti-inflammatory compounds, it also works to reduce your blood pressure. It helps ensure your blood vessels are flexible and lowers your risk for heart disease.

4.    Healthier Skin

The antioxidants contained in dark chocolate directly correlate to healthier skin. They make your skin smoother and less dry.

Consuming plenty of antioxidants has even been linked to better protection from sunburn. One theory is that dark chocolate improves circulation in the blood vessels which in turn allows the skin to draw in more oxygen to repair itself when sun damaged.

5.    Healthier Teeth

One of the most surprising benefits of dark chocolate is that it actually improves the health of your teeth. Cocoa naturally prevents plaque buildup thus greatly reducing the risk of cavities. It’s the added sugar in processed chocolate candy that causes tooth decay, not the cocoa itself.

6.    Improves Brain Function

Eating dark chocolate on a regular basis directly relates to improved brain function and a better mood. Chief among the specific benefits include sharper focus and more energy. These benefits are thanks to the fact that dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain.

7.    Reduces Anxiety & Depression

Dark chocolate can reduce anxiety and depression. It does this by reducing the amount of cortisol your body produces. In other words, it helps stave off stress so you don’t become anxious or depressed in the first place. People that eat dark chocolate on a regular basis feel calmer than those that don’t.

8.    May Help Reduce Cravings

Another health benefit of dark chocolate that seems slightly unintuitive is that it may help to reduce cravings. Once again, you must make sure you’re eating pure dark chocolate here, not a processed candy version.

So how does dark chocolate do this? Because even a small piece is so filling, it can help you feel full sooner and reduce cravings. It’s been suggested that even the smell of dark chocolate can reduce cravings by producing the anti-hunger hormone ghrelin. 

Thanks to its energy boosting effects (similar to caffeine) a small piece of dark chocolate can also help you put in a more intense workout. Exercise harder and you’ll burn through more calories.  

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Final Thoughts

Chocolate sometimes gets a bad reputation. Many people mistakenly consider it nothing more that candy.

That’s the farthest thing from the truth. Sure, processed chocolate candy bars aren’t healthy for you, but pure, unadulterated dark chocolate certainly is. It’s very beneficial to your overall health when consumed in moderation.

Eat a small amount of dark chocolate every day to get the nutrients your body needs, fight cancer with antioxidants, improve your brain function, and increase the health of your heart, skin, and teeth.

There aren’t many other superfoods that can claim quite as many health benefits as dark chocolate. So don’t feel guilty next time you opt for a piece when you’re craving a snack.

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