Fun Things to Do With Your Family on Christmas Day

Christmas Day has arrived and the family is gathered around the tree. Everyone has enjoyed a lovely Christmas breakfast and the presents have been opened. Now what to do with the rest of this lovely day before you sit at the Christmas dinner table? Instead of just sitting around watching football or movies, check out these few tips on some fun family-oriented activities you can do on Christmas Day!

Go Outside

woman in snow with child in sledNo matter the weather, unless it is seriously storming, bundle up and go outside. If you live in the city this is a fun time to walk along the streets and look at festive holiday windows. If you can get out into nature, even better, The fresh air will provide oxygen for a healthy body and the movement will help to burn calories. A really fun way to spend the day would be to go ice-skating. If your city has an indoor ice-skating rink, take the family there and enjoy sliding on the ice while listening to Christmas music. If available, enjoy skating on an outdoor rink with the snow falling lightly.

If you are spending Christmas near a ski resort, take the family snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing. This is a fun activity that will get your heart pumping and is a great form of exercise. Many resorts offer opportunities to go sledding on controlled slopes. This is fun for kids of all ages, is safe, and will get everyone laughing and giggling. Be sure to bring plenty of healthy snacks with you to keep hunger at bay while out playing. A great suggestion would be Isagenix Whey Thins, Harvest Thins, or IsaLean Energy Bars.

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Getting out and walking or playing is not only good for your body but is also great for your mind and attitude. Being outside on Christmas Day will help to remind you that nature is beautiful and you will be filled with gratitude towards all the things that are most important to you – love, health, family, and friends.

Read a Good Story

young girl with knit hat in front of christmas tree laughing with bookIf the weather is just too dreadful to go outside, instead of just watching television or playing video games, gather the family together and read a good heart-warming, inspiring, and empowering story. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christmas story, but should focus on positive thoughts, people sharing or doing good deeds for each other, and leave you feeling uplifted.

To get everyone involved, share in the reading of the story, maybe each person can read a couple of pages, or a few paragraphs, but try and have everyone get involved. For the young ones in the family, be sure the book has pictures so that they can visually get the message of the book.


“Christmas in the Woods” by Laura Ingall

“Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson

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“Trouble with Trolls” by Jan Brett

“The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats

“The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg

Play  Games

monopoly board game A fun way to spend the day with the family inside is by playing games. Board games are great for everyone in the family. Monopoly is always a favorite, as well as Scrabble. Little kids can get involved as well as grandparents. Sometimes kids can get wound up when playing games and may become competitive. It is important to explain what the rules are. Because of the range of ages involved, you may need to modify the rules to a game a bit – but just be sure everyone is on the same page. Provide thoughtful little gifts for rewards.

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Other games we recommend to get the whole family involved are:

Family Game of Football

Instead of sitting watching a football game on television, organize a game outside, weather permitting. Remember to adjust the rules for the ages involved, and make the game flag football so no-one gets hurt tackling each other. If someone doesn’t want to actually play, get them involved by having them keep score and get little ones involved by being cheerleaders. When you come inside to warm up, make a cup of hot chocolate using IsaLean Shake. This is a much better alternative to sugary commercial hot chocolate mixes. IsaLean Shake is made with all natural ingredients and high-quality whey. Or for a soy-free, dairy-free version, choose IsaLean Shake made with pea protein. Everyone in the family will love a cup of hot chocolate made from IsaLean Shakes.

Volunteer to Serve Christmas Dinner at a Non-Profit Organization

heart shaped gingerbread cookies with snowflakesResearch local organizations that accept volunteers to help serve Christmas dinner. Most organizations serve during the day, so the family can go after opening presents in the morning and before sitting down to your own family Christmas supper. Be sure to check on the ages allowed to serve as this may not be suitable for the very young or old in the family. However, this is a wonderful way for teenagers to experience sharing food with those less fortunate than themselves. Volunteering sets up good habits for the future for everyone in the family. This is especially true during the holiday season when so many experience excessive consumerism, it can be heart-warming to bring cheer to someone who does not have much.

Christmas Day is a wonderful day to spend time with family, and by sharing each others company interacting with each other, and sharing good cheer with others, then the family can truly experience what the Christmas Spirit is all about.

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