Isagenix Ingredients: What Makes These Products Unique?

woman drinking juiceIsagenix products are unlike any other cleansing or weight loss program.

In fact, for six years we’ve been unable to find a comparison – but we have found lots of extreme and fad diets along the way!

Why is it the best? Because of the superior quality ingredients and, most importantly, the way they are synergistically formulated together to create a cleansing program that really does work.

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The ingredients used in Isagenix products contribute to better health: helping to increase energy levels, aid weight loss efforts and bring an overall improvement in well-being through gentle cleansing and nutrition.

A potentially harmful diet often does not include enough calories for the body to function properly, which ultimately leads to a slower metabolism and regaining any weight that might be lost. It can leave the body feeling sluggish and even unable to perform some of the most basic tasks.

Rather than starving the body of the important nutrients it needs, Isagenix products are filled with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to leave you feeling healthier and allow the body to return to its natural state of optimal health. In addition to looking and feeling younger inside and out, you’ll have a much better chance of finally reaching that ideal number on the scale.

Premium ingredients without the junk

isagenix product rangeBecause only the highest quality, premium ingredients that have been professionally formulated and scientifically tested are used – and no potentially harmful, unwanted ingredients whatsoever are needed – you get superior products that are:

  • Natural
  • Use no fillers
  • No artificial flavors or colors that are toxic to the body
  • No junk your body doesn’t need

Rigorous testing is conducted on all ingredients to ensure their safety and purity, including being free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
(personalized report)

Exceptional protein quality

The Isalean shakes incorporate high quality protein, including Myo-IsaLean Complex, which is an undenatured protein blend source derived only from happy, grass-fed New Zealand cows that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics.

This protein blend is minimally processed, and the purest that can be found on the market today.  It contains a high whey-to-milk protein ratio that is comparable to the nutritional value of human breast milk, and has been scientifically found to help one stay fuller longer, aid muscle growth and maintenance and help regulate blood sugar levels.

Herbs and botanicals

Products like Ionix Supreme contain more than one hundred specially selected botanicals and herbs that help protect the body from free radical damage, while also containing adaptogens that help manage stress and improve energy levels.

The latest formula uses advanced extraction techniques, which means that more plant-based nutrients can be extracted. This helps to create a more powerful formula that allows the adaptogenic herbs to better identify and neutralize hot spots of stress in the body, as well as to normalize body functions.

woman drinking isalean shakeStrict quality assurance standards

For all Isagenix products, safety is the first priority. This means that there is no room for compromise when it comes to their effectiveness and safety. Only the highest standards are used when selecting and testing raw materials, following appropriate regulatory guidelines, and verifying that each and every finished product meets strict purity and composition standards.

Isagenix has a “No Compromise” Quality Policy that covers ingredient sourcing to manufacturing guidelines, and everything in between. Raw materials are sourced only from suppliers with a proven track record of quality as well as sustainability.

Transforming lives

Isagenix is unique by aiming to transform lives around the world for the better, by utilizing products that make a positive difference in health and vitality, and by remaining on the cutting edge of nutritional science by continuously working to get the most out of nature’s finest ingredients.

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