Want to Avoid Bad Breath? 10 Ways To Keep Your Breath Fresh Naturally

parsleyAre you worried about your breath? We all know how unpleasant smelling someone else’s bad breath can be. If you’re like most people, you want to be sure your breath always smells clean and fresh.

Unfortunately, many people think the only way to prevent bad breath is by using commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes. These can contain toxic chemicals, such as triclosan, which disrupts the endocrine system and propylene glycol, which can harm the liver and kidneys. They can also contain artificial flavors and colors.

You can keep your breath smelling clean without exposing yourself to toxins. Here are 10 natural methods for fighting bad breath:

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1. Brush with an organic toothpaste

Bad breath is often caused by poor dental hygiene, so it’s important to keep your teeth clean. Instead of using a toothpaste that is full of toxins, buy a toxin-free, organic toothpaste at your local health food store.

2. Clean your teeth with baking soda

Baking soda is known for its abrasive and whitening properties, and some manufacturers are adding it to their toothpastes to help get teeth cleaner than ever before. However, these toothpastes also contain unhealthy chemicals. Forget about them and make your own natural baking toothpaste by combining baking soda and water.

3. Rinse with lemon juice

Instead of using a mouthwash full of toxic ingredients, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to a cup of water, then rinse your mouth with the mixture. The lemon juice will prevent bacterial growth while giving your breath a refreshing, lemony scent.

4. Keep your mouth moist

A dry mouth can cause bad breath, so be sure to drink enough water. Staying hydrated will keep your breath smelling clean, make it easier for your body to flush out toxins and give you youthful, healthy looking skin.

Stress can cause your mouth to become dry, so engage in stress-reducing activities, such as meditation and exercise.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
(personalized report)

5. Drink black or green tea

Research shows that drinking tea containing polyphenols, a type of antioxidant, can inhibit the growth of plaque. Polyphenols are found in black and green tea.

6. Chew on fresh herbs

Why rely on packaged mints, which can be high in sugar and contain artificial colors and flavors, when you can freshen your breath with the real thing? Chew on herbs like fresh mint, parsley, rosemary or cilantro.

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables

In addition to providing your body with essential nutrients, fruits and vegetables are valuable tools for keeping your teeth clean. When you chew on fiber-rich fruits or vegetables, such as apples, raw carrots and raw celery, your mouth produces more saliva, which washes away plaque. Fruits and vegetables themselves have a high moisture content. Eating them will keep your mouth from becoming too dry.

8. Get plenty of vitamin C

Low levels of vitamin C are associated with gum disease, which can cause bad breath. Many delicious fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C – some have even more vitamin C than oranges.

9. Avoid very low-carb diets

When your body doesn’t get enough carbohydrates, it breaks down fats in a process called ketosis. During ketosis, your body produces chemicals called ketones, which can cause bad breath.

Don’t worry: you can have your carbs without consuming refined sugar, which can lead to health problems such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, and can cause tooth decay, making bad breath worse. Eat foods containing complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, beans and whole grains. These will give you energy and provide your body with important nutrients without causing blood sugar spikes or encouraging the growth of oral bacteria.

10. Eat fermented foods

Sometimes bad breath doesn’t come from your mouth, but from your stomach. Gastrointestinal upset can cause your stomach to produce excess acid, which will make your breath smell bad. Fermented foods, such as yogurt, pickles and sauerkraut, contain healthy bacteria that are important for good digestion.

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  1. Very informative. Another way I love to keep my breath smelling great is through oil pulling. I have seen awesome results from oil pulling coconut oil. Obviously unrefined, cold pressed, and organic. My teeth have gotten whiter too!


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