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C-Lyte by Isagenix

Concentrated Power of Five Cups of Orange Juice

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients around, but because your body can’t make it, what you get has to be ingested. Getting enough vitamin C using foods and fruit juices can sometimes leave you a bit short, and in prepared foods, the vitamin C is often oxidized and less potent.

Just one C-Lyte capsule contains the equivalent vitamin C of five cups of orange juice – only without the sugar and oxidization.


Fast Facts

  • Equivalent vitamin C of five glasses of orange juice
    Just one capsule of C-Lyte contains the same amount of vitamin C as five cups of orange juice – only without the calories and sugar.
  • No sugar, no oxidization
    Sugar-free and not affected by potency-robbing oxidization that affects other food and drink.
  • Say goodbye to an upset stomach
    Contains the buffering minerals calcium-, magnesium- and sodium-ascorbates to help with absorption and prevent stomach upsets.
  • Healthier cartilage, skin, bones and teeth
    C-Lyte plays an important role in the growth, repair and maintenance of your body’s tissues, helping you to look at feel at your best.
  • Mood-boosting vitamin C
    Studies have suggested a link between vitamin C deficiency and low mood. Bring back the light with C-Lyte!

5 glasses orange juice

lists of foods high in vitamin cProduct Overview

C-Lyte is a premium-quality nutritional supplement, which delivers the equivalent vitamin C of five cups of orange juice in just one capsule.

With 520mg of non-acidic vitamin C per capsule, this is the ideal way of topping up your body’s stores, alongside a healthy diet. Buffered with calcium-, magnesium- and sodium-ascorbates to help absorption and prevent stomach upsets, C-Lyte is safe to take every day. Any excess is safely and simply passed in your urine.

Available in convenient capsule form, this powerful supplement is sugar-free, making it a great option for diabetics, or people trying to lose weight, but still stay topped up on their vitamins.

Healthier skin, bones and teeth

Vitamin C belongs to a select group of nutrients which can’t be made inside the body, but are essential to its functioning. One of the most crucial roles vitamin C has, is to assist in the growth, repair and maintenance of healthy tissues and cartilage. Your bones, teeth and eyesight all rely on vitamin C, as well, to heal and look at their best.

Arr! The dreaded scurvy!

A rare disease these days, scurvy is the direct result of too little vitamin C, and blighted sailors right up until the late 18th century. The disease is characterized by bleeding gums, sores and open wounds which fail to heal. British sailors were often (unkindly) referred to as ‘Limeys’ by the Americans and Australians, because of their habit of adding lime juice to daily rum rations in an attempt to ward of scurvy.

Bolster your immune system

The common cold and vitamin C go way back, but that direct link isn’t as direct as you might think. Vitamin C doesn’t so much cure the common cold, as it does lessen its severity by lending a helping hand to the immune system.

Your immune system is the body’s first line of defense against bacteria and viruses, and vitamin C plays a central role in giving the immune system what it needs to do its job.

Buffered for sensitive stomachs

Lots of low-quality vitamin C supplements are unbuffered, which means the high dose of vitamin C they deliver can lead to an upset stomach. C-Lyte’s 520mg non-acidic capsules come buffered with calcium-, magnesium- and sodium-ascorbates to prevent an upset stomach, so that you can enjoy the benefits without the discomfort.

Vitamin C as a mood booster?

Studies have been carried out which show a link between low mood and a deficiency in vitamin C. Some of the most common symptoms associated with people lacking adequate vitamin C are fatigue and depression, so this suggestion could be incredibly important.

As such a crucial facilitator in so many different processes, it pays for both your physical and mental health, to keep your vitamin C levels topped up.


Why do I need vitamin C?
Vitamin C plays an important role in the growth, repair and maintenance of skin, bones and teeth, as well as a healthy immune system.
What if I take too much?
We recommend taking one capsule per day; this will ensure that you get adequate vitamin C, without taking in too much. Any excess will be expelled in your urine.

Why is C-Lyte unique?
Antioxidants help to flush potentially damaging free radicals out of your system, and away from your cells.
How should I take this supplement?
We recommend taking your daily capsule with water and a meal, to maximize absorption.

How to Use


Take 1 capsule per day.

Ordering Options

30 soft gel capsules (30 servings)


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