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Frequently Asked Questions about Isagenix

independent Isagenix AssociateBelow we have answered the most frequently asked questions that people have before they purchase Isagenix. If your question hasn’t been answered below, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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Ordering Information

How do I place an order (and get the best prices)?
Isagenix is only available to purchase through an Independent Associate (like us!), and is not available in retail outlets.

You can order online directly through our official Isagenix Associate website, or over the phone.

There are two options when placing your order:

  • Order Retail: Pay recommended retail prices and simply checkout online.
  • Become an Associate / Preferred Customer: Get access to discounted wholesale prices, and earn commissions by introducing friends and family to Isagenix. There is a small annual membership fee.

Find out more about how to buy Isagenix online.

What is Autoship?
When you become an Associate or Preferred Customer you can choose to join the autoship program. When you join the autoship program you get reduced annual membership, and receive the lowest prices on all products. It is a very flexible system which can be cancelled at any time (there are no obligations to receive any future orders).
How much do the products cost?
Please click here to view the latest prices in your location. Prices vary depending on which product / program you choose, and the county you live in.

Most people find the 30-day program very cost-effective, as it provides you with two meals a day for a full month. So you’ll save money at the grocery store, and save time preparing meals. 

Which countries is Isagenix available in?
Currently the products are available in 12 countries, including: the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Mexico and China.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, there is a 30-day product money back guarantee (for your 1st order). A return merchandise authorization (RMA) can be requested by calling the toll-free customer service number provided on your invoice. For further details please click here 
Are any discounts or coupons available?
Isagenix do not issue coupons (& discounts / promotions are only offered to existing customers).  However, you can save up to 40% on the standard retail prices if you become an Associate or preferred customer. There’s a small yearly membership fee of $29 (or $39 if you don’t select the autoship program), however many people save their membership fee and more on their first order, and then continue to make savings during the year.
What is autoship and how does it work?
The autoship program is available to Associates and preferred customers. It is a simple, flexible way to make sure you never run out of your favorite products.  There are no obligations and you can cancel at any time. When you enroll with autoship your yearly membership fee is reduced from $39 to just $29, and you receive extra discounts on your products.

You can edit your autoship online at any time, and your chosen products will automatically be shipped to you every 30 days (unless you change the date or cancel your automatic shipment). To cancel, simply call the Isagenix customer care team.

Even after you’ve cancelled your autoship, you can still enjoy the benefits of being an Associate (wholesale prices and commissions / rewards) for the remainder of your membership period. 

What support do you provide after I purchase?
We will provide you with the support you need to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. Everyone is different, and we tailor our support based on individual preferences. Some people don’t want any coaching and we completely respect that. Other people like to have someone they can contact to answer questions and/or a coach who will check in with them regularly (phone and/or email) to provide support and tips to maximize results.


Isagenix Products and Nutritional Cleansing

How Does Isagenix Work?
There are lots of diets out there, and also lots of detox programs. However, Isagenix is neither a detox nor a diet. Diets tend to focus on restricting calories, which produces short-term results and doesn’t deal with the root cause of weight issues. Detox programs often contain harsh ingredients, and use laxatives to strip the body of everything (good and bad).

Isagenix is different, and works by combining the ancient art of cleansing with world-class nutrition. It is this combination which makes Isagenix so effective, and has allowed thousands of people to achieve their health and weight loss goals. Find out more about how Isagenix works.

Is this a colon cleanse and do I need to be near a bathroom all day on my cleanse?
No! This is not a harsh colon cleanse and there are no laxatives or diuretics in the products. Isagenix is a natural and very gentle whole body cleanse that focuses on providing support to the body’s natural detoxification process, and flooding the body with the optimum balance of essential nutrients to help the body to return to its natural balance. It is gentle, and most people experience very few side effects; however, it is very effective. 
Which product / program is right for me?
There are over 50 different Isagenix products and programs available, to suit a range of people, and their different needs. The most popular programs are the 9 and 30 day fat burning and cleansing systems: these are ideal for people who want to lose weight and enjoy the benefits of nutritional cleansing. There are also programs designed specifically for athletes. Most people start with one of the foundation programs, and then continue to try different products from the range to find the ones that suit them best.
What do I do once I reach my target weight?
Nutritional cleansing is about more than just losing weight, and once you have achieved your goal you can continue to enjoy products such as the IsaLean Shake, Ionix Supreme and IsaGenesis.

Many people love the way they feel after their cleanse and can relax knowing they are feeding their body with the best nutrition available, and so continue to take a shake every day, cleanse on a regular basis and experiment with other products. However because these programs are designed to produce long-term results and deal with the root cause of weight problems, it is possible to maintain by yourself by returning to a sensible, clean and healthy diet with plenty of physical activity / exercise.  

Are there any side effects?
Most people only experience positive side effects during nutritional cleansing (such as increased energy and weight loss). Because the products have been professionally formulated, extensively tested and contain no laxatives or harsh ingredients they can be enjoyed by most people (always talk with your doctor before changing your diet or lifestyle).

However, because nutritional cleansing aims to speed up the rate at which toxins are removed by the body, some people may experience mild ‘detox’ symptoms including:

  • Headaches
  • Cravings
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy
  • Insomnia

These side effects should only last a couple of days, and can usually be managed by drinking plenty of water, getting fresh air and doing gentle physical activity.

If you experience severe side effects, or are concerned you may be reacting to an ingredient in the product, contact a health professional immediately.

NOTE: If you give up caffeine during your cleanse, you may also experience symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. These are similar to the detox side effects described above and usually only last 24-72 hours.

Enjoy a safe, natural and effective whole body cleanse. 

Ingredients, Allergies and Medical Information

It is important to remember that we are not medical professionals and therefore cannot provide medical advice. The answers below are intended as general guidance only, and are not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional. We recommend contacting your doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Are Isagenix Products Gluten Free?
Most Isagenix products do not contain gluten, and the products in the 9 day and 30-day cleansing and fat burning systems are all gluten-free. However, the products are manufactured in facilities that also produce products that may contain milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and/or soybeans.

SlimCakes and WheySlims contain gluten.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I still use Isagenix?
Cleansing is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, therefore the 9 / 30 day cleansing programs would not be suitable. However, other Isagenix products maybe suitable, and many women have enjoyed products such as the IsaLean Shake and Bars throughout their pregnancy. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner first and ask for their advice / recommendations (take a copy of the ingredients with you to your appointment).

You can read a more detailed article about Isagenix products and breastfeeding here.

I am a diabetic, can I still cleanse?
It may still be possible to cleanse, however it is essential you consult your doctor first and do it under their supervision. The main issue is the lack of calories consumed on Cleanse Days which could cause a drop in blood sugar levels.

The majority of other Isagenix products would usually be suitable for people with diabetes, when used as a part of a healthy diet, but check first. This article contains additional information regarding Isagenix and Diabetes. 

I am taking medication, can I still use Isagenix products?
We are often asked if it is safe to use Isagenix products when taking certain medications. Unfortunately it is not possible to answer this question. There are thousands of medications (often prescribed at different doses and for differing lengths of times) and every individual’s health history is different, therefore it would not be possible to know if Isagenix is suitable for you or not.

Your doctor is the only person who fully understands your personal health issues and specific medications, and they will be able to advise if these products are safe for you to use.

I have a food allergy, can I still use Isagenix products?
This Allergen Table provides a quick reference guide, and highlights potential food-related allergens across the entire product range.
Can children use these products?
Some products are suitable for children aged 4 and above, and other products are not recommended until children reach the age of 12 / 18 years old. Please use the Allergen Table referenced above to check the age recommendations for each individual product
What ingredients are used in the products and where do they come from?
Isagenix only uses the highest quality ingredients, sourced from a number of countries around the world. On the main Isagenix website you’ll find a list of ingredients, and the nutritional profile, for every product. Simply navigate to the relevant product page, and towards the bottom right of the screen you’ll see a tab called “Ingredients”. Open this tab and download the PDF to view the ingredient list.

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