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Isagenix e+ Natural Energy Shot

If you’ve been searching for a healthy energy boost, look no further!

Isagenix e+ offers energy for everyone that needs a little extra to get through the day, from the average Joe or Jane to the competitive athlete, in a nutrient-loaded, naturally-caffeinated shot.

Become more active and alert and stay that way with its special blend of green tea- and yerba maté- derived caffeine, along with a proprietary, scientifically proven mix of adaptogenic botanicals known to boost energy, stamina and mental alertness in a safe, healthy way.

Now Available in 3 Delicious Flavors!

Isagenix e+ Energy Shot

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woman drinking energy drinkFast Facts

  • Get the fuel you need to make it through the day
    Feel refreshed, energized and ready to perform everything from day-to-day tasks to athletic training without unwanted side effects.
  • Enjoy a healthy kick without the guilt
    Isagenix e+ is a nutrient-filled, naturally-caffeinated product that will get you going quickly with healthy ingredients rather than potentially harmful artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners that are found in most other energy drinks. This unique energy shot uses natural caffeine from yerba mate and green tea along with a scientifically proven adaptogenic botanical blend for a safe energy, alertness and stamina boost.
  • Convenience and energy
    If it isn’t convenient, you’re a lot less likely to use it. With pocket-sized e+ shots, they’re easy to take on the go in a 2-ounce bottle that can energize your body and your mind. Bring along a bottle to fight fatigue and protect yourself against mental and physical stress; whether you’re trying to finish up that work project in time or competing in an athletic event.
  • Boost workout endurance and stamina
    The proprietary blend of botanicals used in e+ may have beneficial effects to both stamina and endurance. Research has found that these substances increase energy and improve endurance by reducing the perception of effort and improving cardiovascular function. Its caffeine content has also been shown in scientific studies to improve exercise performance.

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individual serving bottle

Healthy Energy Has Finally Arrived

dancing classNo matter what you’re trying to accomplish, from getting through that long list of daily responsibilities and squeezing in some exercise to training for an athletic event, you’ve probably found yourself lacking in energy at one time or another.

While most energy drinks will give you an initial boost of energy, they also tend to be loaded with sugar, calories, artificial ingredients and an excessive amount of synthetic caffeine that can make you feel nervous and cause you to crash later – worsening the problem you were trying to resolve in the first place!

Whether you’re on the job, taking care of kids, or in the gym, a lack of energy is likely to affect your performance, alertness, attentiveness, and possibly even your health.

Now, with Isagenix eShot, you can enjoy healthy energy without that inevitable crash, any time of the day. It combines healthy botanicals with natural sources of caffeine, derived from yerba mate and green tea, working to improve your workout performance as well as boosting your energy and mental clarity for everyday activities – and all at just 35 calories per serving.

While too much caffeine can result in unwanted side effects, naturally occurring caffeine in a moderate amount – such as what is found in e+ (about 85 mg, equivalent to a cup of brewed coffee) – is healthy, safe and effective.

individual serving bottleCaffeine can increase your metabolism and may raise your basal metabolic rate too, which helps you to burn a greater amount of fat and achieve or maintain an ideal weight.

Studies have shown that caffeine can also improve athletic performance, acting as an ergogenic that allows athletes to train harder and for a longer period of time, in addition to contributing to greater mental focus and concentration. In fact, an analysis of more than three decades of controlled studies found that moderate doses of caffeine derived from the extract of green tea plants resulted in a significant improvement of 1 to 3 percent in running performance during a 10K race.

This amazing Isagenix product also contains proven adaptogenic ingredients like rhodiola, known to reduce fatigue, increase energy and enhance physical performance; eleuthero root to support energy and physical performance; schisandra berry for increasing stamina, combating fatigue, nervous exhaustion and lack of energy; and leuzea root, to support focus and concentration as well as to increase the rate at which cells restore their energy.


Why choose e+ over other energy drinks?
This product stands out above the rest with its naturally-sourced caffeine and proprietary blend of adaptogenic botanicals that work together to fight the effects of fatigue and boost energy without added sugar or artificial ingredients that are typically found in other energy shots. You’ll experience a quick energy boost that lasts for hours, better focus and physical performance, improved clarity and alertness, and get a kick-start to your workout too.
What are adaptogens and why do I need them?
Adaptogens have been studied in athletes for years. They’ve been shown to support greater energy production and higher performance levels by reducing the perception of effort and improving cardiovascular function. They’re a natural source of nutrition that provides a safe boost of energy, delivering powerful nutrients to the body and the brain.
When should I take e+?
Whenever you experience a lack of energy, you can take e+ for an almost immediate boost. Take it in the morning to get your day started off right, use it during that common midday crash, or try it just before a workout. It’s great to take when you’re traveling, offering the extra energy you need for exploring sights, taking part in physical activities, or simply just getting from place to place.

Isagenix e+ Energy ShotHow to Use


One or two servings per day when you most need an energy boost (one 2oz bottle is one serving).

This product can be used alongside Ionix Supreme & can be taken on Cleanse Days if you are following the 9 or 30-day fat burning and cleansing program.


Available in a refreshing apple pomegranate flavor & two new great tasting new flavors: Lemon-Lime and Raspberry.

Ordering Options

  • 6 x 2oz Bottles
  • 12 x 2oz Bottles (save money!)


This unique product contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors (unlike most other energy drinks available on the market today).

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