Product Spotlight: Isagenix IsaPro & IsaLean Pro

woman flexing arm musclesMeeting your body’s protein needs is essential for weight loss and optimal health. Both the Isagenix IsaPro and IsaLean Pro contain quality dairy protein that exceeds USDA organic standards, is produced from New Zealand cows that are never given artificial hormones and are kept in pastures rather than holding pens.

Consuming protein at each meal and after or even before a workout has been found to preserve precious muscle, boost the metabolism, and keep you feeling fuller and more satisfied to help prevent cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Isagenix IsaPro

isagenix isaproIsaPro can be added anywhere in the diet to boost daily protein intake to improve lean muscle mass as well as to get past those stubborn weight plateaus. The whey protein in this product is in its highest quality form and contains branched-chain amino acids like leucine which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to muscle. The whey protein also serves as an antioxidant to support the body’s immune system.

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IsaPro contains no fat or fiber to slow protein absorption. When added to healthy carbohydrates like fresh fruit or orange juice, the whey protein helps to stimulate rapid and more efficient replacement of stored carbs which are depleted during a workout.

Some of the benefits of IsaPro include:

  • Helping to build lean muscle mass and boost metabolism
  • Increasing daily calorie burn
  • Fights in-between meal hunger pangs
  • Promotes a stronger immune system

IsaLean Pro

isalean pro in canister

Isagenix IsaLean Pro is a specialized formula that was the result of extensive research. The goal was to discover the ideal ingredients in just the right amount and combination in order to maximize muscle growth, muscle retention and fat loss while also providing the energy the body needs for physical activity. It contains everything that’s necessary for maintaining a healthy, fit and lean body.

This product provides specialized nutrition that is perfect for athletes, active people and teenagers who are looking to increase muscle mass as well as those who are trying to break through a weight-loss plateau and get rid of stubborn and harmful ab fat. It’s also beneficial for preventing age-related muscle loss for older people.

IsaLean Pro’s high quality undenatured whey protein is an important factor in this unique formula. Undenatured refers to a protein that is cold-processed, preventing essential bioactives and amino actives from being broken down. The whey protein used in all Isagenix products is derived from pasture-fed New Zealand cows that are free from harmful hormones and antibiotics, far exceeding the USDA organic standards. This means you get all of the benefits without potentially dangerous compounds as well as a lower level of lactose and a premium amino acid profile.

Some of the benefits of IsaLean Pro include:

  • Curbing hunger to prevent unwanted snacking
  • Increases fat burning, particularly visceral fat
  • Maximizing lean muscle gain
  • Active enzymes to that support better digestion

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