New Isagenix Products & Updates!

Exciting New Products from Isagenix and Updated IsaBody Challenge News!

With spring in the air, this time of year is perfect for adding new products to your Isagenix health and well-being routine.

Isagenix has released one new product and two new flavors that we are excited about! We feel that these new flavors and product will help inspire you to continue with your weight management goals as well as adding a boost to your daily health regime.

Isagenix constantly strives to roll-out new products that may help you continue on your path to personal well-being. As an Independent Associate, our goal is to provide you with tools, information, and products to help you achieve your personal goals.

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Heart and Immune Shake Boosters Now Available

Immune Shake BoosterIf you would like help in supporting your immune system, why not try the new Immune Shake Booster today.

Adding this booster to your daily shake may just give your immune cells some extra “oomph”.

Made with a unique blend of Wellmune® beta-glucans and maitake, pore and reishi mushrooms, this new add-on supplement booster is designed to be used on a daily basis with your IsaLean shake.

There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners added and at only 10 calories per serving, this neutral tasting Immune Shake Booster is a great addition to your Isagenix lifestyle!

Shake Booster Heart IsagenixIf you would like your cardiovascular system to have support in running smoothly, try adding the new Heart Shake Booster to your daily routine. This product may be used by anyone over the age of 16 years who may be concerned with their blood cholesterol levels. Made from a blend of naturally occurring plant sterols, Heart Shake Booster can be a great way to add these essential plant nutrients to your diet.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
(personalized report)

This booster supplement has no flavor of its own and therefore will not alter the taste of your delicious meal replacement shakes.

New Product Alert! AMPED® Nitro is Here

AMPED NitroTake your training and workouts to a higher level with the new AMPED Nitro supplement, the latest release in the ever popular AMPED sports range.

Looking to be able to train at a more intense level and for longer periods of time? AMPED Nitro’s blend of amino acids, creatine, and naturally sourced caffeine may be the answer you’ve been looking for to ‘amp up’ your workouts! This unique blend of scientifically formulated ingredients is designed to help reduce fatigue and may allow your workouts to last longer.

AMPED Nitro has the Informed-Sport certification that assures all ingredients in this supplement have been tested to meet the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA ) compliance standards and do not contain any banned or prohibited substances within it.

Use AMPED Nitro about 15-30 minutes before your workout to help to support your maximum training potential.

Chocolate Mint Isalean Shake is Back and Here to Stay!

Here to stay - chocolate mint Isalean shakeWith rich chocolate with cool and refreshing mint flavors, the wildly popular Chocolate Mint IsaLean Shake is back and is not going away! When this was first introduced in 2016, Isagenix customers absolutely loved the flavor as an addition to their daily IsaLean Shakes. It sold out so quickly due to its popularity that Isagenix has brought it back to stay!

As with all of the IsaLean Shakes, you will receive the same nutritional benefits and values and can be used as part of your daily meal replacement shake – just with a cool chocolate mint flavor! We are really excited about having this shake back in the repertoire of healthy and delicious shakes available from Isagenix. Order today individually or as part of any nutritional cleansing program.

See Who the IsaBody Challenge® 2018 Finalists Are!

Everyday people just like you and me are embracing the Isagenix lifestyle with fat burning and cleansing tools such as 9 day and 30 day systems. Isagenix developed the IsaBody Challenge for existing Isagenix customers who are looking for a way to up the ante in their body and health transformations.

This 16-week challenge goes beyond just weight loss – it helps provide an opportunity to be around others who are working towards their body transformation goals. This inspirational challenge starts with a “before photo” and after 16 weeks of healthy exercise and Isagenix products, you get to send in your “after photo” and show off your new IsaBody Challenge transformation. This challenge is a fun and motivating way to help achieve those weight loss goals and discover the new you!

Finalists are awarded awesome prizes that may include cash, a trip for two taking you to the 2018 IsaBody Retreat in Arizona and paid expenses to attend the always popular Global Celebration 2018.

Read the amazing stories of the 2018 finalists here and get inspired to transform your body with amazing products, community and support systems.

Stay tuned for further product updates and releases as well as exciting news, events, and information from Isagenix.

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