Make Healthy Food Choices This Festive Season

The holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas are supposed to be a very festive time. This period is marked by eating large amounts of food, whether at home or the office. The only downside of this festive period is that too many of us gain weight. This weight gain can be avoided simply by changing what we eat.

Here is your guide on how to make healthy food choices during this festive season.

The majority of food that we normally eat is packed full of calories, or is high in fat. Both of these will inevitably lead to weight gain. Though they may taste delicious when they are consumed, they quickly pass through our digestive system, leaving us hungry again quickly. This leads to a vicious cycle of eating, and then eating again, and then eating some more.

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To control this habit, you can make some simple changes in your diet. This might mean substituting one ingredient for another ingredient that is much healthier, and over time you will be able to manage your cravings. You can replace a very fattening desert with one that is not so fattening – but just as tasty.

Here are some suggestions for other changes you can make, so you are eating healthy food during the holidays. Remember to keep your Isagenix products with you during the festive season to keep impurities at bay, and ensure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs.


Dairy products are full of fat and calories. You can reduce this by using fat-free milk instead of whole milk; if Santa doesn’t mind fat-free milk with his cookies, then you shouldn’t either! You can go a step further and use egg whites instead of whole eggs in recipes. If you need sour cream when making a dish, try using yogurt. Better yet – use fat-free yogurt. Your dish will taste delicious, and your waistline will thank you.

Lean Meats

Eating meat is very much the centerpiece of our meals during the holiday period. You should strive to eat more lean meats. Turkey is a very good example of a lean meat, which is great because it is what most families consume at Thanksgiving. You should consider eating lean meats more often than just on Thanksgiving Day. Instead of having meat for a meal, replace it with turkey.

Vegetables and Fruit

Vegetables and fruit are two food groups that are generally missing from our meals during the holiday. This is a mistake. You should incorporate more vegetables and fruit into your diet. You can create fruit platters for appetizers, or as a sweet dessert to cleanse your palette after eating a hefty meal. Fruits are much better for you than some fatty dessert. You can also use fruit to snack on during the day, and before eating big meals. Eating fruits before the meal will cut down your appetite, which will help you to consume less of the unhealthy stuff during your meal.

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Grilling or Steaming

Most vegetables we eat during the holidays are fried. Improve your diet and your health by steaming or grilling these vegetables. This will provide a healthier alternative to the traditional methods of cooking.

Most people gain 1 to 4 pounds during the holiday period, and this weight gain is usually never lost during the year. You can improve your health during the holiday season by eating more healthy foods, and finding alternative holiday season recipes which use less fattening ingredients.

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