Not all daily supplements are of the same quality

diet pills mixed togetherMany people take a ‘cheap’ multivitamin and assume that this will provide everything missing from their daily diets. The research shows that over 50% of American adults take a multivitamin each day – but there is a big difference between the quality and effectiveness of the different products on the market.

It’s widely accepted that we need to use supplements to gain what is lacking from our diet, particularly as our soils are severely depleted in nutrients and our food is often nutritionally bankrupt, but how do you spot a high quality supplement from a ‘fast food’ supplement?

Understanding the differences between supplements

First of all, remember that there are no standards in place to ensure that what the company tells you on the label, and what the product actually contains, is the same thing.

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Many of the big supplement formulators use dirty tricks to make their products cheaper, and go to extreme lengths to hide their low quality ingredients and poor formulator processes; these are the products that often use glossy expensive marketing campaigns and are available in your grocery store or big brand pharmacy.

Ignore the hype and take a closer look before putting this ‘food’ inside your body.

What to look for

Firstly, take a look at the company’s website and see if they have published any studies or results of clinical trials. See how open they are about the quality of their source ingredients, their formulation processes, research and development team and quality control practices; if it’s all glitz and hype, then their product is probably inferior.

Talk to your local health food store and see which supplements they recommend, as they will usually have access to higher quality products than a large pharmacy or grocery store.

The Problems

Many ‘cheap’ and poor quality supplements use manufacturing practices that don’t utilise technology to ensure maximum disintegration, absorption and bio-availability of the nutrient, and use cheaper synthetic forms of the vitamin or mineral.

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Without the correct balance of vitamins and minerals, the body isn’t able to utilize the nutrients and they will simply be released from the body in your urine. Essentially, you will be wasting your money and creating expensive urine!

If the nutrient ratios are incorrect, this could affect absorption and lead to deficiencies in certain minerals.

The Solution

There is a big difference in quality between the different daily supplements available. Look for a company that takes pride in their work, and invests time and money in research and product development.

Choose a high quality supplement that uses forms of the vitamins and minerals that are known to give maximum benefit to the body and aid absorption.

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