Isagenix Product Spotlight! IsaBiome Digestive Health System

Isagenix New Product Spotlight! IsaBiome Digestive Health System

Begin your journey towards feeling great with improved digestion and gut-health today with Isabiome Digestive Health System by Isagenix!

Isagenix is constantly expanding their health and wellness products and we are very excited about their new two-part, IsaBiome Digestive Health System. The IsaBiome Digestive Health System is scientifically formulated to support long-term gut health and assist daily digestion.

TimetoCleanse is an Isagenix Independent Associate who strongly believes that everyone can take control of their health, and we are committed to supporting all of you who are ready to live the healthiest life you can.

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What Is the System?

The IsaBiome Digestive Health System is comprised of two parts which work synergistically together to help support overall long-term gut health and may help to ease any discomfort associated with poor digestion.

Part one of the system is the IsaBiome Probiotics which is chock full of healthy and diverse live probiotic microorganisms that help support overall digestion. Part two is the IsaBiome Digestive Enzymes which help to provide crucial enzymes which assist in the initial stages of digestion and the breakdown of foods so that the nutrients from the food can more easily be absorbed.

What is fascinating about the Isabiome Digestive Health System is that the probiotics and enzymes used are formulated for the main types of foods that you eat. You can get the IsaBiome Digestive Health system for conventional diets or for vegetarian diets.

vegetarian or conventional diets live enzymes digestive healthWhat’s the difference? If you eat a diet that includes animal-sourced foods, then the conventional system is your best option. This system includes the addition of enzymes that specifically break down animal proteins and the probiotic product has an added strain that feeds on bacteria produced from animal proteins that have been broken down during digestion.

If you are a vegetarian and eat a plant-based diet, then choose the vegetarian option. The included enzymes are geared more for breaking down fibrous vegetables and the probiotic formula offers strains of friendly microbes that feed off of the breakdown of plant matter.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
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Why Do I Need Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive enzymes occur naturally in our bodies and their main function is to break foods down in the stomach so that when the food enters the GI tract, nutrition absorption can begin. However, due to aging, stress, poor diet, and lifestyle habits, digestive enzymes may become compromised and their effectiveness may diminish.

If you feel overly full, bloated, and generally uncomfortable during or after a meal, it could be that your digestive enzymes are not working properly. By supplementing with IsaBiome Digestive Enzymes right before or during a meal, you are adding enzymes that may help to immediately break foods down so that they can quickly move out of the stomach and into the small and large intestine for proper extraction and absorption of nutrients.

Why Do I Need Probiotics?

Our GI’s (gastrointestinal tract) function is to digest foods and extract and absorb essential nutrients that are necessary for overall health. Our gut is filled with live “good” bacteria called probiotics that are beneficial to our health and help with good digestion, help support the immune system, helps with weight management, and even support brain functions. If your GI tract does not have the right kinds of probiotic microbes, then “bad” bacteria may Isagenix take over, which can result in a reduction of overall health and digestive issues.  Good probiotics can be found in fibrous vegetables, dark leafy greens, as well as fermented foods.

Why Use the Isagenix IsaBiome Digestive Health System?

woman holding stomachPeople often ask, “can’t I get enough probiotics from eating fermented foods and taking generic probiotic supplements?” This is a good question. Eating fermented foods does help to deliver probiotics into your GI tract, however, your gut needs a wide diversity of microbes and probiotic cultures. Fermented foods alone may not provide all of the diverse strains of probiotics needed for optimal gut health.

The Isagenix IsaBiome Digestive Health System offers high-potency live microbes with 10 different strains in the vegetarian option and 11 strains in the conventional one to provide the diverse microbial activity needed that can help to keep your GI tract healthy and flourishing with the right kinds of probiotic strains.

In addition, Isagenix has taken three steps to ensure that the live microbes in the IsaBiome Probiotic system reach the small and large intestine where the probiotic strains need to do their work.

They are micro-capsulized so that they can easily pass through the stomach without being destroyed by stomach acids. Secondly, they are stored in bottles with advanced technology that helps to prevent moisture and oxygen damage, and thirdly, they have a delayed release that helps to ensure the probiotic capsule does not open until it reaches the intestines where the microbes can live and flourish.

How Do I Use the System?

It’s really easy and convenient to use! The IsaBiome Digestive Health System works fantastic with your Isagenix lifestyle, but anyone can use them. The probiotics, both the conventional and vegetarian, are meant to be taken once per day every day, even on shake and cleanse days.

isalean shake and glass with vanilla shake in itThe digestive enzymes are to be taken either with your largest meal of the day, whether that be lunch or dinner. Or if you are on a 9-day or 30-day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and are using the IsaLean Shakes meal replacement, take the digestive enzyme with your one meal of the day as you want the enzymes to break down solid food, and the IsaLean Shakes have their own system of enzymes already added.

You don’t have to take the digestive enzyme on cleanse days as you are not eating food on those days. Cleanse days are considered a type of intermittent fasting that helps to rev up your metabolism and can be useful for your weight loss journey.

Don’t suffer from digestive issues any longer! Add the IsaBiome Digestive Health System to your daily routine and start on your path to feeling healthy and rejuvenated today!

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