15 Alternative Fitness Ideas

boxing to get fitBeing fit and staying in shape doesn’t have to be relegated to the strict confines of a gym or a treadmill. Living a healthy lifestyle can mean different things to different people, and when it comes to getting fit there are many roads that will take you to the promised land. The key takeaway in all of this is to do whatever it takes to keep you on that road, to stay motivated, excited, and – even more importantly – to have fun.

Looking forward to your daily exercise routine will keep you coming back for more. It’s good for the head and it’s good for the body. Listed below are the TimetoCleanse top 15 alternative fitness ideas to help keep things fresh and inspiring. When it comes to exercise routines, diversity and mixing things up could be your secret weapon for turning a 90 day diet into a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Tai Chi: In the early morning hours, in parks and fields throughout Honolulu, South Pacific Islanders, Asian immigrants, and locals can be seen in small groups practicing this ancient and beautiful form of martial art. Graceful and purposeful, these moves exhibit and improve muscular control, balance and internal peace.

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CrossFit: With rabid fans, crossfit’s routines are posted every day on the web for practitioners to follow. Using an ever-changing mix of pull-ups, lunges, sprints and jumping, this program is extremely intense and works incredibly well.

Body Pump: Body Pump is taught in gyms and fitness centers by certified, trained instructors. Classes last one hour, and involve a non-stop mixture of aerobics with small barbells and dumbbells.

Spin Classes: Spin classes center around music-driven cardio on stationary bikes. Typically an hour, these classes involve a rotation of intensity by alternating all-out sprints with cruising.

Pole Dancing: Often considered a taboo form of entertainment found in dimly lit, smoke-filled bars, pole dancing has become a hugely popular athletic sport, with classes and competitions all over the world.

Boxing: The classic boxer’s training program is an extremely intense regimen, with obvious results. Filled with running, crunches, jump rope and sparring, boxing is a great way to get in shape while blowing off some steam at the same time.

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Surfing: Surfing is not only a lot of fun, it’s great exercise too. Paddling around in the ocean develops upper body strength, and provides some cardiovascular benefits as well. For my landlocked friends… check out the next idea on our list.

SUP: SUP is an acronym for “Stand Up Paddle Boarding” and is taking the world by a storm. Using a custom shaped long paddle while standing upright on a long, thick surfboard, SUP can be done anywhere a body of water exists.

Yoga: With yoga, there’s something for everyone. Practitioners of yoga enjoy greater flexibility, increased strength, better breathing and a greater sense of well-being.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Made famous by the Gracie brothers out of Brazil, this form of fighting involves grappling, punching and submission holds. These workouts not only focus on technique but endurance as well, making this a smart choice for getting in shape and learning some valuable self-defense skills as well.

Square Dancing: Originating in the Wild West of the United States in the 1800’s, square dancing is non-stop action, providing an excellent workout for the heart while developing balance, timing and coordination.

Swimming: If you watch the Olympics it’s hard not to notice the exceptionally athletic physiques of world-class swimmers. If you have access to a lap pool, swimming offers cardio, strength training and improved breathing – all in one package.

Beach Volleyball: You don’t really need a beach – just a sand court – and you are ready for business. Playing volleyball in the sand is an incredible workout for the legs. Running, jumping and diving in the sand is a lot of fun, and will whip you into shape in no time.

Hiking: If spending time outdoors and enjoying nature appeals to you then start planning some hikes on the weekends. You’ll need to plan accordingly and properly assess a safe level of difficulty, but it beats watching the television any day of the week!

Cross-Country Skiing: A snowy alternative to hiking, cross-country skiing requires tremendous lower body conditioning and stamina. For anyone living in or visiting a snow-filled environment, this sport will burn more calories than you might think. The peaceful wooded vistas are an added bonus too.

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