Is Your Diet Toxic? (Infographic)

Lara Darlington

toxic appleDid you know that even if you are eating what you think is a healthy, nutritious diet, it could be highly toxic? We were shocked when we started looking in to some of the scary statistics and worrying facts about the state of our fresh produce.

Take a look at the infographic below to see the full story….

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Toxic Diet Infographic

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People pressure is the only way companies are going to wake up and realise they need to stop poisoning our food.

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  • Sam Gaine

    Really useful, thanks for posting this – dirty dozen information is great. I had no idea things were this bad, I hope it makes people make a change to their diet, it will mine.

  • Tom

    Thanks Sam, we think its really important that people understand what they are eating and highlight the ‘green washing’ attempts that some companies are using to pass their produce and foods off as ‘healthy’ when it simply isnt.

    But the only way to make the grocery stores change is to vote with your $’s – and spend them with local growers, farmers markets and other community schemes instead….