5 Signs it Might be Time to Cleanse

woman feeling tiredNutritional cleansing is not just about weight loss, although that can be one of its many great benefits; its main purpose is to help the body rid itself of the inevitable toxic build-up that challenges its overloaded system, often resulting in a variety of ailments and an overall feeling of malaise.

Your body will always give you signals as to what it needs, but many of us don’t listen or recognize them. If you’re experiencing one or more of these five signs, your body is probably telling you it’s time to cleanse.

Low energy levels

If you’re having trouble performing daily responsibilities or finding motivation to work out due to lack of energy, that’s a sure sign of a toxic body that is calling out to be revitalized and replenished with the powerful nutrition that comes with a cleanse.

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Many of us believe we’re feeling tired because we’re growing older or we just have too much on our plate, but a lack of energy isn’t normal; this is a sign that our body is struggling with all of the impurities that have built up over time. It needs to be flushed of these toxins and fortified with essential nutrients to run smoothly and efficiently once again.

Weight struggles

woman measuring with tapeDid you know that the body uses abdominal fat as a form of protection against all those unavoidable toxins? If you’ve been struggling with losing weight or maintaining an ideal weight, this is a good sign that you need to cleanse. A gentle, nutritional cleanse boosts weight-loss efforts by aiding the body in its ability to flush fat as well as boost the metabolism.

Sleep troubles

Battles with insomnia, frequent night waking and other sleep disturbances can often be attributed to a toxic build-up. A lack of sleep comes with its own host of negative effects, including weight gain and an increased risk of serious illnesses. Sleep deprivation raises cortisol levels, a hormone that stimulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism while regulating blood sugar levels, leading to additional pounds.

A cleanse will allow you to sleep well at night, and create a double whammy of benefits by attacking the weight issue too.

Skin breakouts

Many health issues show up in the appearance of our skin. If you’re experiencing breakouts or have other skin problems like acne or even eczema, this is a certain sign your body is having a tough time battling all of those toxins.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
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One of the many benefits of a nutritional cleanse is a clear, glowing complexion. Cleansing internally flushes out the toxins, serving to purify the body inside and out!

Concentration difficulties

If you have a hard time concentrating, it can lead to forgetfulness and easily misplacing important items, difficulty performing school or work tasks and even relationship problems. If your body is busy trying to battle all of those toxins in our environment – in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink – it’s no wonder your brain has trouble focusing.

Is it Time to Cleanse? A gentle, nutritional cleanse provides enhanced mental focus and clarity, removing that frustrating mind fog.

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