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Keep the Mold Out of Your House

Not only is mold ugly and unsightly to look at, but it can also be dangerous to your health. Mold loves to grow in warm damp environments and once it is established, it can wreak havoc on your home and your health. Let’s take a look at what black mold is, ways to prevent it growing …

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Isagenix Product Spotlight! IsaBiome Digestive Health System

Isagenix New Product Spotlight! IsaBiome Digestive Health System Begin your journey towards feeling great with improved digestion and gut-health today with Isabiome Digestive Health System by Isagenix! Isagenix is constantly expanding their health and wellness products and we are very excited about their new two-part, IsaBiome Digestive Health System. The IsaBiome Digestive Health System is …

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plastic food container with plastic fork and fried chicken

Why It’s Time to Replace Your Plastic Food Containers

We use plastic, whether in the form of plastic bags, water bottles, storage containers, or fast food boxes on a daily basis. They are convenient and affordable – but at what cost to our health and the health of the planet? Plastics are loaded with harmful toxic chemicals that leach into our bodies, soil, water …

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Natural Ways to Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy

Many people underestimate how much of an impact oral health has on overall wellness. Though it’s nice to have a shiny smile, taking care of your teeth and gums comes with more than cosmetic benefits. Working to keep your mouth healthy could help you prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, both of …

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merry christmas 2018 with christmas tree branches ornaments and pine cones

Fun Things to Do With Your Family on Christmas Day

Christmas Day has arrived and the family is gathered around the tree. Everyone has enjoyed a lovely Christmas breakfast and the presents have been opened. Now what to do with the rest of this lovely day before you sit at the Christmas dinner table? Instead of just sitting around watching football or movies, check out …

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2018 holiday gift guide with simple present and christmas tree branch

Our 2018 Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Christmas is almost upon us and instead of spending hours at the mall or online trying to find the “perfect” gift for everyone on your list, why not think about how unique that person is and give them a special gift that is healthy, contributes to their well-being, and is good for the environment. Below …

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Beware of Hidden Toxins in Your Dry Cleaning

As we strive to live healthier and more toxin-free lives, we may forget about dangers in products or services that we regularly use. We may not want to accept the fact or give up on convenient services that may be harmful to your health and the environment, but the reality is, that many of these …

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