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Isagenix Snacks

Your Best Friend on Cleanse Days

Isagenix Snacks are a delicious, nutritious, chewable wafer, blended to give you a boost whenever you need it. They’re the perfect companion to cleanse days, since each wafer contains just 15 calories.

Available in chocolate and vanilla flavors, as well as dairy-free wild berry. Eating Snacks won’t interfere with your weight loss goals, and can help to curb cravings and control appetite. 

Isagenix Snacks

This product is now known as Isagenix Chewables in Canada

Fast Facts

  • The perfect partner to cleanse days
    Don’t be tempted by unhealthy foods on cleanse days. These wafers are delicious and nutritious
  • Low in calories, won’t damage your progress
    At just 15 calories each, these tasty wafers won’t interfere with your weight loss efforts
  • Protein-based wafers
    Made from a base of high-quality, undenatured whey protein
  • Available in three delicious flavors
    Enjoy in Chocolate, Vanilla or dairy-free Wild Berry
  • Fortified with Ionic Alfalfa
    Blended with Isagenix’s own Ionic Alfalfa for added mineral support

Product Information

When it comes to cleanse days, it’s understandable that some can be challenging. If you’re hungry from the day before, or you’re just feeling like you need a pick-me-up, Isagenix Snacks are the answer.

At 15 calories each, these chewable, protein-based wafers can help to keep you satisfied, and away from high-calorie, sugary, unhealthy foods. They’re available in three delicious flavors, and are blended with Isagenix’s own Ionic Alfalfa, a healthy mineral mixture, which makes them nutritious as well as delicious.

Available in:

  • Natural Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Wild Berry (dairy-free)

Dairy-Free Option Now Available

What if you’re on a cleanse day, and you need that boost, but everything that’s available contains dairy? Good news! There’s now there’s a dairy free option, with all the same benefits, for you to enjoy!

Choose the dairy-free Wild Berry wafers at the checkout, and keep your cleanse days in check without the milk.

How Do They Work?

Isagenix Snacks are a protein based wafer, which act to naturally curb your appetite, meaning you’ll be less tempted by unhealthy foods. This is great if you’re trying to lose weight your way, or by following the Isagenix cleansing calendar.

Plus, because they are naturally flavored (chocolate, vanilla or wild berry) you’ll feel satisfied that you’re eating something you enjoy, rather than a simple, tasteless filler.

The Tasty Alternative

Plenty of people turn to dry, flavorless rice cakes when the cravings hit, or when trying to lose weight. Not anymore. Isagenix Snacks are:

  • Chewable, for added satisfaction
  • Naturally flavored – Chocolate, Vanilla or dairy-free Wild Berry
  • Protein-based – made from undenatured whey protein (Chocolate and Vanilla flavors)
  • Added nutrition – made with a blend of mineral-rich Ionic Alfalfa

Enjoy a satisfying, nutritious & delicious alternative.

Energy Fueling Carbohydrates

Containing healthy, energy-boosting carbohydrates to help keep you going on cleanse days, and when you need it most. These wafers may be small, but they’re for sure mighty.

Made with flax seeds for added fiber, these little powerhouse wafers have all of the good stuff you need to get through cleanse days feeling great on the way to healthy weight loss.

Choose Snacks! as:

  • Support on cleanse days
  • An alternative to rice cakes & other wafers
  • A nutritious snack for those on a weight loss program
  • A protein and mineral boost

How to Use


One serving of Snacks is 2 wafers. Enjoy them at any time of day.

Ordering Options

60 chewable wafers (30 servings)



What exactly are Isagenix Snacks?
They are delicious, nutritious protein wafers, made to help you stay on track to your weight loss goals.
How many calories does each wafer contain?
Each wafer contains just 15 calories.

Do the wafers contain dairy?
The Vanilla and Chocolate varieties contain dairy from whey protein. The Wild Berry variety is dairy-free.

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