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An effective mid-workout fuel to feed your muscles the nutrients they need to perform.

Knowing what and when to feed your muscles during extended exercise is important for getting the most out of your performance. AMPED Fuel is a brand new formula from Isagenix, made to send ready-to-use energy to your muscles mid-workout.

Blended with BCAAs, apple puree, agave nectar and molasses for a natural, powerful boost. Available as a gel, in handy single-serving pouches.

Fast Facts

  • Effective mid-workout energy
    Don’t deplete your stores during endurance training. Top up while you work out and power through
  • Natural energy, nothing artificial
    Fast-acting carbohydrates from apple puree, agave nectar and molasses. No artificial colors or flavors
  • BCAAs to reduce muscle breakdown
    Fuel contains branched-chain amino acids to help prevent muscle breakdown during exercise
  • Speed up recovery after long training session
    Feed muscles during exercise, to speed up recovery after exercise
  • No waste, no mess
    Available in convenient, portable pouches. No mess, no waste, just energy

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Product Overview

New to the Isagenix sports supplement range, AMPED Fuel is an effective mid-workout energy gel, designed to feed your muscles the nutrients they need to push harder.

Blended with natural apple puree, agave nectar and molasses, Fuel delivers a powerful combined carbohydrate and BCAA hit, to help you push through the toughest parts of your workout. Designed for use during extended workouts, Fuel is ideal for runners, triathletes and those taking on extra long challenges.

What’s in Fuel?

Fuel is a blend of natural, ready-to-use carbohydrates and BCAAs. As soon as this blend of apple puree, agave nectar and molasses hits your muscles, it gets right to work, turning up the volume and helping you push harder.

  • Apple puree, agave nectar and molasses for a natural, simple carbohydrate mix
  • BCAAs to prevent muscle breakdown and speed up recovery

Find something extra

When you exercise for long periods of time, your muscles become depleted of energy. They’re emptied, and the result is fatigue. The most efficient way of preventing fatigue during long workouts is to supplement with simple carbohydrates – the most fast-acting source of energy there is.

To find that extra something during a workout, simply tear open a Fuel pouch and squeeze. You’ll get the energy you need, without the mess and waste of a bulky energy drink.

Packed with BCAAs

Fuel not only helps you to power through long workouts, it’s also packed with branched-chain amino acids. These BCAAs – the simple building blocks of protein – work to prevent muscle breakdown during exercise, and as a result, speed up recovery afterwards.

Combine Fuel with AMPED NOx and AMPED Recover, for the fullest workout and recovery experience possible.

  • AMPED NOx pre-workout
  • AMPED Fuel mid-workout
  • AMPED Recover post-workout

Fuel the Isagenix way

Many workout supplements are made with dubious ingredients and things that are hard to pronounce. The AMPED range is made using a blend of fruit and vegetable extracts, just like the rest of the Isagenix family.

Putting your body to the test with long workouts like marathons and triathlons is tough, so compromising on your supplements with artificial alternatives can only be counterproductive.

The bottom line is that your muscles need simple, useable carbohydrates during exercise, and getting them from natural sources, like the ones in Fuel, is a better option, and one which supports a healthy lifestyle.


What is this product for?
AMPED Fuel is a carbohydrate and BCAA gel, designed to fuel muscles during intense, prolonged exercise.
Who should use this product?
Anyone undertaking extended exercise such as marathons, triathlons or other endurance activities.

What is it made of?
AMPED Fuel is made using apple puree, agave nectar, molasses and other natural ingredients.

When should I take this product?
This is a mid-workout energy gel and should be taken during your workout, when your muscles need a rapid source of energy.
How many pouches should I take?
The recommended serving size is one pouch. Please exercise caution if taking multiple pouches during exercise.


Take one pouch during your workout to fuel performance

Product options

24 pouches per container




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Give your muscles the mid-workout energy they need with AMPED Fuel. A natural blend of apple puree, agave nectar and molasses for carbohydrates, and recovery-boosting BCAAs.

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