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Isagenix IsaGenesis (Product B)

LATEST 4th Generation Formula is the BEST yet!

Enjoy the best telomere and antioxidant support available today. Isagenix IsaGenesis (Product B) is the revolutionary product that your body has been waiting for.

120 soft-gel capsules (available single or in 3 bottle packs)

Isagenix IsaGenesis (Product B) just got even better!

The latest 4th generation formula, known as IsaGenesis, uses advanced extraction techniques to create a more potent, powerful and effective product. This is the leading telomere support product available today, and combines ancient principles, natural ingredients, and the latest breakthroughs in modern science.

  • Supports Healthy Telomeres
  • Promotes Youthful Aging
  • Neutralize Free Radicals
  • Powerful Antioxidant Support

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Isagenesis Product B

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Live Long, Live Young  & Target the Source of Aging itself

If you would like to enjoy healthier, more youthful aging, Isagenix IsaGenesis (Product B) could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This is the most exciting product Isagenix has launched since developing their nutritional cleansing systems over a decade ago, and is now firmly establish as one of the five pillars of health.

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IsaGenesis Product BWhat is IsaGenesis ?

This scientifically formulated supplement contains a range of over 30 specially selected bio-active vitamins & botanicals designed to promote youthful aging, protect telomeres and improve the bodies ability to fight harmful free radicals.

This revolutionary product was created in a partnership between John Anderson, Master Formulator and Co-Founder of Isagenix, and Dr Bill Andrews, Ph.D. one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of youthful aging,

By utilizing John Anderson’s 30+ years of formulating products using nature’s best “superfoods” from around the world, and Dr Bill Andrews’ expert knowledge and experience in the field of Telomere support, they have created a unique, natural product which may help to support telomere health and assist the body in neutralizing free radicals that can cause aging and contribute to poor health.

People using this special product have reported a range of benefits including:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Better sleep and more alert when waking
  • Improved mental acuity
  • Better memory
  • Greater endurance and faster recovery time

What are Telomeres?

telomere chromosomeThere’s been a lot of publicity about Telomeres recently.  In 2009 3 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their research in to Telomeres and their effect on aging.

Isagenix, in collaboration with Dr Bill Andrews, is right at the forefront of scientific developments in this field.

The human body consists of tiny structures called chromosomes. These are essentially long strands of DNA that are in charge of all the processes that take place in our body.

They hold all our vital genetic information and determine our personal characteristics (e.g. hair colour, skin type, sex). At the start and end of each chromosome is a “telomere” whose function is to protect the chromosome from damage.

As we age, our cells divide in order to copy and preserve genetic information. Every time a cell divides, the telomere at both ends gets a bit shorter and some is lost.

Recently scientists have noticed that cells may stop reproducing when the telomere becomes too short. By protecting telomeres, we are effectively able to slow down the aging process and ensure DNA and generic features remain intact for longer.

isagenix coupleWhat Factors Contribute to Aging?

Scientists are only just beginning to understand the true causes of aging, however we do know that there are a number of factors that can accelerate aging that are under our control.

These include:

  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Poor dietary habits (providing the body with a lack of vital nutrients and/or consuming toxic foods)
  • Obesity or being overweight
  • Lack of sleep
  • Toxicity of inflammation in the body
  • Exposure to high levels of stress

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While Product B is effective by itself, you'll experience significantly better results when used in combination with the other pillars of health.

These powerful products work together synergistically to provide your body with everything you need to create a leaner, healthier, more youthful and vibrant you.

Customer Reviews

Loving the new IsaGenesis! Need everything I can get at my age! Feeling better with more energy and less colds - keep up the great work guys!

Joshua Gill

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2 soft-gel capsules per day. Take with food (one in the morning with breakfast and one with lunch or dinner).

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Are there any clinical trials supporting this product?
Whilst it is still difficult to accurately measure telomere length, Isagenix is currently conducting a clinical trial in partnership with Arizona State Unversity to measure catalase, an important marker in the aging process. Further details of this study can be found here

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