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IsaLean Pro by Isagenix

High Protein, Nutrient Dense, Meal Replacement Shake

With 36g of undenatured whey protein per serving, IsaLean Pro is Isagenix’s most robust and advanced meal replacement yet. With 50% more protein than the regular IsaLean shake, this hearty shake is great for helping to build lean muscle, break through weight loss plateaus, or fight off age-related muscle loss.

IsaLean PRO Shake

Fast Facts

  • 36g of high quality ‘clean’ protein
    Contains 36g of undenatured whey protein from ‘happy’ grass fed cows. Minimally processed using a specialist low heat method with no fillers, nasties or artificial additives.  as well as carbohydrates, fiber and good fats
  • Nutritionally Complete
    Contains a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and good fats as well as micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • Build healthy, lean muscle
    Undenatured whey protein is the most effective protein available for building lean muscle
  • Break through weight loss plateaus
    A high-protein meal replacement is the best way to stay on track to losing excess weight. IsaLean Pro provides everything you need to feel satisfied and energized
  • Take control of age-related muscle loss
    As we age, muscles become less resilient. Put back what time takes out and feel at your best every day
  • Available in three great flavors
    Thick, creamy shakes available in Natural Vanilla and French Vanilla

Product Overview

woman wearing athletic clothingWhether you’re trying to lose weight or not, a high-protein diet is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle. Those following Isagenix programmes, professional athletes and people wanting to take control of age-related muscle loss will love IsaLean Pro.

With 36g undenatured whey protein per serving – 50% more than regular IsaLean – IsaLean Pro is Isagenix’s most advanced and robust meal replacement ever.

The perfect way to build strength and lose weight, as part of your new lifestyle. Try IsaLean Pro in one of three delicious flavors:

  • French Vanilla
  • Natural Vanilla

Why choose IsaLean Pro?

Whether you’re trying to break through a weight loss plateau, or pack on lean muscle as part of your training, IsaLean Pro is the way forward. This meal replacement (or addition, depending on your goals) shake contains more than just a hearty dose of undenatured whey protein. IsaLean Pro contains:

  • 36g of high-quality whey protein from hormone-free dairy cows
  • Energy-boosting carbohydrates
  • Fiber to aid healthy digestion
  • Carefully balanced vitamins and minerals for healthy systems and bodily functions

Each serving of IsaLean comes packaged in an individually sealed pouch, for both complete freshness, and ultimate convenience. Super portable, throw a sachet into your gym bag, or keep them at work.

IsaLean Pro shakes mix perfectly with cold water (and some ice if you like.)

Why undenatured whey protein?

Undenatured whey protein is less processed than standard whey protein, which means it retains more of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, as well as more amino acids, the building blocks of protein and muscle.

Isagenix pride themselves on providing only the best-quality products, free from chemicals and anything artificial. That’s why the protein in IsaLean Pro comes from dairy cows that are not injected with hormones, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

protein building blocksHow does protein work?

Proteins are the building blocks of life, and essential to building and maintaining lean muscle, and. everyone needs protein, not just professional athletes. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or pack on additional lean muscle, protein should be a staple part of your diet.

You’ll find protein in foods like meat and fish, as well as dairy and beans, but often, they come attached to lots of unwanted calories. That’s where IsaLean Pro comes in.

IsaLean Pro is protein, carbohydrates, good fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals, without the excess calories. In fact, each meal replacement shake contains 280 calories – the ideal amount to deliver the nutrition you need, without the weight gain.

Kind to allergy sufferers

IsaLean Pro is gluten and soy-free, meaning you can get plenty of daily nutrition, without having to worry about unwanted side-effects.

  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free

Isagenix shakes also have a low glycemic index rating, which means they won’t play havoc with your blood sugar levels. If you’re diabetic, it’s still always best to check with your doctor before trying anything new like this.

Break through weight loss plateaus

Stumbling blocks in your weight loss journey can pop up for a variety of reasons, including cravings and boredom with the current selection of foods on offer. If you’re following a weight loss plan, but still finding that you’re hungry, it could be that you’re not getting enough protein.

Protein, unlike the refined carbohydrates which are often to blame for weight gain, is very filling. It’s harder to overeat protein, and even a small amount keeps you feeling satisfied for longer.

Break through weight loss plateaus by keeping your protein intake high, and reducing the likelihood of overeating.

Protect against age-related muscle loss

Getting older can mean that muscles don’t repair or build as easily as they used to on their own. With IsaLean Pro, muscles get a powerful protein and nutrient boost, to help them stay in tip top condition.

Protein isn’t just the savior of bodybuilders and gym rats, it’s for everyone. Take back control of your health and help yourself to feel better than ever.

Here are two articles from the website which outline which of the Isagenix meal replacement shake options are right for you:


How is IsaLean Pro different to IsaLean?
IsaLean Pro is higher in protein than IsaLean. It is a complete meal replacement, that may be more appropriate for those in need of a higher protein intake.
How much protein is in one serving?
Each serving contains 36g of undenatured whey protein, to help build and maintain healthy muscles.

What makes this a complete meal replacement?
At 280 calories and a filling balance of protein, carbohydrates and good fats, IsaLean Pro is a satisfying meal replacement which also provides plenty of vitamins and minerals.

What is undenatured whey protein?
Undenatured whey protein is less processed than standard whey protein, and therefore usually has a superior amino acid profile. Some companies use acid, high heat or other methods to extract their protein which can affect the quality of the finished product.

How to Use


Take one sachet mixed with water per day.

Ordering Options

14 sachets (14 servings)


Please click on the links below to download a PDF ingredient list / nutritional label for each flavor.

Flavor options

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With 36g of undenatured whey protein per serving, IsaLean Pro is Isagenix’s highest protein meal replacement ever. Perfect, whether you’re trying to lose weight or pack on additional lean muscle. 

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