Top 6 Toxins That are Probably in Your Makeup Bag

The beauty industry doesn’t want you to know that the chemicals that are found in many cosmetics are toxic. You assume the products you use are safe for your skin. After all, why would they be marketed for use on your skin otherwise? We’re not sure either. However, research shows that one in eight ingredients …

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5 Houseplants That Actually Clean The Air in Your Home

When you think of air pollution, you probably think of what’s going on outdoors. Cars put out exhaust; factories burn coal. You may not realize that indoor air pollution may be more harmful. That’s where houseplants come in. If pollutants are present in indoor air, you are more likely to inhale them than if you’re …

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Orthorexia: When Eating Clean Becomes an Eating Disorder

You don’t starve yourself. You don’t binge and purge. However, do you obsessively read labels? Do you fear the idea of putting gluten in your mouth? Does eating processed foods give you anxiety? Have you heard of orthorexia?  According to the National Eating Disorders Association, orthorexia is an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. That’s right—you …

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Gelatin: 8 Health Benefits of the Secret Superfood

When you think of superfoods, you probably picture kale, berries and things that are hard to pronounce, like acai. You probably don’t think of gelatin and Jell-O. Honestly, the artificially colored and flavored dessert associated with your childhood is not a superfood. However, gelatin, the foundation on which Jell-O is based, is a superfood with …

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8 Reasons Why You Can Eat Dark Chocolate Without Feeling Guilty

Chocolate lovers rejoice – dark chocolate is an incredibly nutritious superfood. Eating it on a regular basis unlocks a wide range of powerful health benefits. So how does this tasty treat benefit you? Here are 8 reasons why you can eat dark chocolate without feeling guilty! Benefits of Dark Chocolate First things first, make sure …

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bug repellant

You Can and SHOULD Banish Bugs Without Harsh Chemicals

Why would anyone want to voluntarily expose themselves to chemicals around their homes or on their bodies? If it is for lack of effective options, then it is way past time to get up to date. There are so many options now for gentle pest control and bug repellent that even if you need to call …

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