Farmed Fish: What You Need to Know (& Why You Need to Avoid Them!)

It’s true, fish are wonderfully nutritious – but it’s important to be wary of farmed fish. They are bursting with omega-3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, magnesium, phosphorous, and protein. They are low in sodium, too. However, there’s a massive difference between wild fish and farmed fish. Whether you’re talking about salmon, cod,  sea bass, shrimp, …

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3 Homemade Body Wraps: Detox, Relax & Revitalize

Make your own body wrap at home using our step-by-step guide, which includes 3 super simple recipes you can try today! All the Benefits of a Spa… Without the Nasty Chemicals or the Cost! Off you go to the spa, where they slather you with all kinds of weird goop and leave you to relax – then …

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Cotton’s Dirty Secret: Are You Wearing this Toxic Crop?

Cotton crops make up around 50% of the world’s textile needs. You wear it without even thinking about it. Socks, shirts, caps, bed linen, baby clothes, trousers, shorts, gloves, tea cloths… the list goes on. You probably wear or use cotton every day. But at what cost? Discover the shocking reasons to avoid dirty cotton, and learn …

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