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Isagenix IsaFlush

Cleansing Herbals For Healthier Digestion

To feel at your best, it helps to have a digestive system that’s running smoothly. Cleansing herbal remedies are by far and away some of the oldest and most effective methods for relieving digestive discomfort and restoring the body’s natural rhythms and vitality.

IsaFlush contains no harsh chemicals or laxatives. It’s made using extracts from herbs and other natural sources, to avoid any nasty side-effects. Enjoy the fruits of centuries of herbal medicine, and help your energy levels to bounce back.

Canadian Customers: This product is called IsaComfort in Canada (& has a slightly different formulation). 


Fast Facts

  • Get your body’s natural rhythm back
    Restore your body’s natural flow and say goodbye to bloating and tiredness.
  • Made with 100% natural extracts
    IsaFlush is made using a simple but incredibly effective blend of cleansing, energizing and soothing extracts.
  • Absorb more nutrients
    Increase the uptake of nutrients from food by clearing your digestive tract and improving absorption.
  • Balance your healthy gut bacteria
    The healthy bacteria in your gut are essential for keeping you fit and healthy. Balance them with IsaFlush.
  • Soothe an upset stomach
    Bloating and cramps are a common symptom of an unhealthy digestive system. Soothe your stomach with natural peppermint extract.

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woman holding stomachProduct Overview

Digestive problems are nothing new. Everyone reacts differently to certain foods, and with the added stresses of daily life, it’s no wonder that most people will experience some sluggishness every now and then.

Herbal remedies have been trusted for centuries to help relieve digestive distress and restore vitality. IsaFlush is a simple but extremely powerful natural blend of herbal and mineral extracts, designed to get you moving again.

IsaFlush Ingredient Spotlight

Peppermint leaf extract – This popular leaf, often used in tea, helps to soothe an upset stomach, relaxing it and promoting better digestion and regularity. There are no synthetic laxatives in IsaFlush, just natural, cleansing ingredients to get you back on track.

Magnesium – Relaxes the muscles of the intestines, to help restore rhythm and regularity.

Bentonite – A nutrient-dense clay, formed from volcanic material, which has been shown to simultaneously flush potentially harmful substances from the digestive system, whilst delivering essential minerals.

Herbal medicine around the world

In China, herbal medicine accounts for around 40% of all healthcare delivered, and over 90% of general hospitals have units dedicated to traditional herbal remedies. The plants and extracts used in herbal medicine – sometimes called adaptogens – can help to restore order within the body, and many people prefer them to aggressive, synthetic treatments.

These adaptogens go hand-in-hand with bio-availability, which describes how much and how efficiently nutrients like the ones found in peppermint leaf, for example, are absorbed and used by the body.

A happy gut microbiome

Bloating, constipation, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome can leave you feeling slow and uncomfortable. A natural solution of herbal and mineral extracts can help to get things moving again, without the use of harsh, synthetic laxatives. If you suffer from an upset stomach, you’ll also benefit from this blend’s use of premium-grade peppermint extract, loved around the world for its soothing capabilities.

Your gut microbiome refers to all of the families of useful bacteria in your digestive system. When you eat, you feed them, and what you eat, and how regular you are, can have a huge impact on how healthy your gut microbiome is.

What role does your gut microbiome play?

  • Digestion of vitamins and minerals in food
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Production of vitamins (B and K, for example)
  • A smooth, rhythmic digestive system

Soothe with peppermint

Peppermint tea is already extremely popular as a caffeine-free alternative to black tea or coffee, but in combination with the magnesium and bentonite in Isaflush, this humble leaf becomes a powerful digestive cleanser. Rich in fragrant oils, peppermint can help to soothe an upset stomach, which means you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Taking care of your small intestine

Your small intestine is around 22ft long, with a surface area of over 2,700 square feet. It’s where most of your digestion happens, and where nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream.

If you’re constipated, nutrients can’t pass through properly, meaning you miss out. Isaflush contains magnesium and bentonite, to simultaneously restore movement, help flush out toxins and boost useful mineral stores.

The power of Bentonite clay

Bentonite is a type of clay made from volcanic material. It’s rich in minerals like phosphate, iron and potassium. This natural wonder can also aid in the removal of heavy metals and other toxins, improving both nutrient uptake and your overall health.

Often turned into a face mask or other kind of topical treatment, Bentonite clay is extremely popular in modern natural medicine. No need to spread it here, though. You’ll get all the benefits of this amazing mineral-rich treasure in a handy capsule.

Whether you’re looking for a complete cleanse, or a simple pick-me-up to get you through the long days, Isaflush has exactly what you need. Premium-quality, natural ingredients, simply blended and incredibly powerful.


What's unique about this product?
IsaFlush is a simple but effective blend of natural herbal and mineral extracts, including peppermint leaf, magnesium and bentonite. No laxatives and no nasty chemicals.
What is bentonite?
Bentonite is a clay, that’s rich in minerals and excellent at supporting intestinal health.

Can this product help with an upset stomach?
Absolutely. Peppermint leaf extract is extremely good at helping to relieve stomach discomfort.
How should I take this product?
One soft gel capsule per day is the recommended dose.

How to Use


Take 1 soft gel capsule per day.

Ordering Options

60 soft gel capsules (60 servings)


Note: This product is available in the USA and Australia, however in Canada it is known as IsaComfort and has a slightly different formulation.

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Restore your body’s natural rhythm and get back on track with a healthier digestive system. IsaFlush is natural, gentle & effective. 

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