Recipe Roundup: 10 Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Products From Around The Web

This week’s Recipe Roundup is a little different…we’ve found 10 of the best recipes for non-toxic homemade cleaning products from around the web.

These natural, simple, affordable and environmentally friendly cleaning products will help you create a clean, healthy home, and reduce your exposure to the nasty chemicals often used in household cleaning products.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Non-Toxic Drain and Disposal Cleaning Solution

Contributed by the The Newlywed Notebook

non toxic cleaning

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This non-toxic cleaning recipe includes some of your favorite ingredients from Young Living – lavender and peppermint!

Together the two make a strong yet wonderful concoction that will not only clean your drain and disposal, but will also leave a pleasant smell. What we love most about this recipe is that it is chemical free and keeps you and your family safe.

Homemade Bathtub Scrub

Contributed by  Nourishing Joy

bathtub scrub

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I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the most challenging tasks is getting your bathtub looking sparkling and clean.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
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At times it seems that no matter how much you scrub and clean, the grime and mildew do not want to give up clinging to the grooves and cracks. Sadly, this causes most individuals to opt for the quick option, which probably contains a cocktail of harmful chemicals.

In this recipe, however, Nourishing Joy provides us with a natural recipe that’s toxin-free and safe for your home!

Safe and Natural Insect Repellent Recipe

Contributed by Holistic Mama

natural insect repellent

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Insect repellent is one of those items that can be used on the body, or along the little cracks and spaces in between the doors and windows of our home; whatever works to keep those little critters away from us! Most products you purchase from stores contain a range of nasty chemicals that not only knock down insects, but can also impact your family’s health too.

Fortunately, Roxanne from the Holistic Mama has provided us with a great recipe for making your own safe and natural insect repellent!

DIY Non-Toxic Wood Floor Cleaner

Contributed by Gathered In The Kitchen

non toxic wood floor cleaner

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Floors are always a difficult part of any house to keep clean… dirty feet make for quite a mess (especially if you have kids and pets coming in and out all the time).

This non-toxic hard wood floor cleaner is the perfect way to keep your floors sparkling like new! It is easy to make, safe and completely natural!

Homemade Borax-Free Dishwasher Detergent

Contributed by Dr Karen Lee

dishwashing detergent

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It always seems like such a chore to find a great dishwashing detergent – especially a non-toxic one!

Our lovely friend Karen, from the blog EcoKaren, has put together a simple recipe that you can make right at home. The results are amazing, and the best part… it’s toxin-free!

stainless steel applianceDIY Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner

Contributed by The Thriving Home Blog

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Sometimes we often overlook the stainless steel appliances in our homes, but in the right light you can see that fingerprints leave streaks and marks that make your appliances look dull and dirty.

This great non-toxic cleaning recipe by The Thriving Home Blog will help you remove streaks and marks quickly.

DIY Disinfectant Cloth Wipes

Contributed by Red and Honey

disinfectant cloth wipes

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A great way to ditch those disposable disinfectant wipes is simply to make your own out of cloth! Not only are these non-toxic and great for your home, but they are also great for the environment, creating less waste that goes into our landfills.

DIY Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner

Contributed by Mommy Potamus

all purpose cleaner

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When cleaning your home, there is nothing you need more than an “all purpose cleaner” – the kind that you can use just about anywhere to clean up a spill or mess.

Heather, from Mommy Potamus, has created a natural but very effective cleaner with a gentle citrus smell. It’s a great non-toxic option for keeping things sparkling at home.

bathroom cleanerNon-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner 

Contributed By My Blessed Life

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The bathroom is one of those spaces in the home that needs constant care. It is where your family tends to a lot of their personal care needs, which means they are more likely to be exposed to the harsh chemicals in most toxic cleaning supplies.

This non-toxic bathroom cleaner is a great way to keep that important place in the home clean, while also keeping your family safe.

air freshening spraysOdor Eliminating Air Freshening Sprays

Contributed by Keeper of the Home

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Having pleasant smells around your home is a great way to feel like things are “clean”! But are you really doing yourself any favors if the products you are using to create those smells are harmful and dragging down your health?

Good news! There are some wonderful non-toxic homemade natural air fresheners that will do the trick. We especially love these two, from the blog Keeper of the Home!

Which one will you try first? Let us know in the comments below…

(And please feel free to share your own recipe for a natural, homemade cleaning product in the comments too – we’d love to hear from you!)


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