Try IsaDelight To Warm The Heart This Valentine’s Day

IsaDelight Plus boxIsaDelight and IsaDelight Plus, available from our independent associate website, are healthy, delicious treats perfect for this Valentine’s Day. Why not treat yourself or someone close to you?

And it’s not just for Valentine’s Day – you can have these every day! Finally, a delicious chocolate treat you can eat without feeling guilty.

What is IsaDelight?

This product was launched before IsaDelight Plus. This is a premium quality dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa powder. IsaDelight is not like your average chocolate and contains non-alkalized cocoa powder. This amazing product has been produced in a way that retains the antioxidants naturally present in good quality cocoa.

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Many people find IsaDelight can help to curb cravings, and at only 50 calories is a great way to stop hunger and treat yourself on your deep cleansing days.

What is IsaDelight Plus?

chocolate drops packagingIsaDelight Plus takes this delicious, healthy snack an important step further with the addition of green tea. Just two of these tasty treats contain the same level of antioxidants as one cup of green tea, and has an ORAC value over 5,700 – this is about the same as a cup of blueberries!

Green tea is well known for its healing and detoxing properties and has been used by people around the world for centuries, as it contains EGCG which can help fight free radicals and promote heart health.

So with IsaDelight Plus you have a low-calorie, delicious tasting and nutrient / antioxidant filled snack. Now you can indulge yourself without feeling guilty!

Treat Yourself And Someone Special This Valentine’s Day

IsaDelight Plus is the perfect treat this Valentine’s Day and everyday; treat yourself, or buy some for that special person in your life. Remember, you are giving them something that not only tastes great but also contains an amazing level of antioxidants and other health-giving properties.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
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How to Buy IsaDelight

You can purchase these very special products through the Isagenix website as a retail customer, or become an Associate member to get wholesale prices. When you buy Isagenix products online through the main corporate website, you are getting the lowest prices, fast delivery and great customer service.