Toxins in Your Office: Is Your Office Silently Making You Sick?

Man wearing gas maskIf you are anything like the average full-time office worker, you’ll spend 1700 hours or more at work this year; most of it sitting at your desk.

If that’s not a sobering thought by itself, the following information might be!

There’s a good chance your ‘clean, safe’ office environment contains a cocktail of toxins, germs and other nasties which could be making you sick, without you even knowing they are there.

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If you thought your toxic colleagues were the only kind of unpleasantness you encounter at work, it might be time to think again…

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We’re sure your colleagues and friends would like to know what’s in their office – especially if it could impact their health.

Quiz: Is Your Body TOXIC? Take the Test...
(personalized report)

Is Your Office Toxic?

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What Can You Do About It?

  • Share this post with your colleagues and management team.
  • Talk to your management team / HR and make them aware of the issues. There might be work already underway to reduce the impact. Once they understand the cost in terms of lost productivity and sick days, they are usually willing to make changes.
  • Bring plants in to work to help absorb some of the toxins in the air.
  • Take plenty of breaks outside (in unpolluted air).
  • Make sure you eat a clean, healthy diet which contains some of the foods that help the body to cleanse. Consider doing a detox/whole body cleanse at least twice a year to help speed up the rate at which your body removes toxins and impurities.

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